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Glodanios dying

Hello, so I have a 29 gallon cycled tank, 0 ppm ammonia, 0 ppm nitrite,10 ppm nitrate, 7.2 ph, 75 Fahrenheit, and soft water. I have a penguin 125 biowheel. I have in it 3 platies and 5 glo-danios. I added the platies first and they did wonderfully. Upon adding the danios one died two days after acclimation and the other died this morning. I acclimated by floating the bag for an hour and a half and adding tank water every 15 minutes and then netting them out of the bag. The first that died was very skinny and stayed near the top a lot after acclimation, I checked the water after he died and all parameters were the same as before adding him. The secound one that died looked normal and I found him dead in the morning so the ammonia spiked to 0.75 I believe because his body was in there all night. I immediately did a 30% water change using prime to clear out the ammonia spike from the fish. All the other fish appear to be fine and seem unaffected. Could this be due to something I’ve done wrong or could the fish have simply been stressed from being introduced to the new tank.
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Could be due to the quality of the fish. I only adjust fish to the temp by floating (usually 20-40min) and then net them out. Adding water can some times cause a chemical reaction and kill fish.
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Frankly, sometimes fish just die.

Though it sucks, smaller fish like danios are pretty sensitive and easily stressed, so sometimes they keel over for what seems to be no reason. Like you said, they also could have been stressed out by the moving-- apparently (not from personal experience) the best way to acclimate is just by temperature. Trying to drip acclimate can sometimes do more harm than good (not trying to say that you did it wrong, it can just be hazardous).

If they were sick when you got them, that would also explain it. Or, if they were adults, maybe they were nearing the end of their life anyway. My best guess would be stressful acclimation, plus potentially weak animals from a pet store, since even the best fish stores don't always pay attention to individual danios.
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