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General Advice on New Set-Up!

Hi all!

I am just looking for general tips and advice on my first ever tank. I finally finished stocking my planted 20g long with 8 cardinal tetras, 5 peppered cory cats, and 3 sunset honey gouramis. I have some amano shrimp and assassin snails in there as well to make sure the algae stays under control.

I cycled the tank for a month, and then added the tetras and shrimp (I had a bunch on pest snails in there from the plants, so I added some assassin snails too). I waited a couple of weeks and made sure my ammonia was good, then added my corys and gouramis this Thursday.

Everyone is looking great so, the gouramis are pooping a lot and the corys are going up for air a decent amount, but I figure that's just adjusting.

Does anyone have any general advice or recommendations to keep everyone healthy and happy? I would also love to hear advice for going on vacation, as I have spring break and I'll be gone for 8 days.

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I would say keep up with water changes and make sure you feed them protein and variety of foods. That way they'll just naturally stay healthy because they won't be stressed and their immune system will work great.

When you're gone for vacation I would say they would preferably need feeding at least once or twice, because you'll be away for over a week. Healthy fish can usually survive without food for about a week unless it's species that swim a lot so they'll basically tire themselves to death. If you have someone you can trust I would definitely ask them if they can come feed and check on fish every other day or so.

Also, I am just wondering, how many assassin snails did you get initially and did they breed/multiply? Where do they usually stay? Do they bury themselves in the substrate?

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Hello fan...

You have quite a load in this tank. I would remove and replace half the water every three to five days to keep the waste material out of the tank. Add some floating plants to remove the nitrates between water changes. Pond weed, Hornwort and species of Water lettuce are good, natural water filters. Don't feed the fish too much and you won't have a problem with algae. Keep an eye on your snail population, if you get too many, then you're feeding too much.

Vacation time is easy. Just feed your fish a little more a few days before you leave. The day before leaving, perform a bit larger than normal water change. Your fish will be fine for up to a couple of weeks without food and you'll come home to a clean tank.

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