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Question Food for fish

I am really new to this hobby and I need some help regarding the food for the fish I have.
So, I have 2 tylomelania snails, 6 corydoras sterbai, 6 chinese danio and 10 galaxy rasbora. I plan on adding some ruby barbs and some gouramis I think.
For food I have tetra crisps pro and JBL Novo fect. I heard that tetra is pretty bad.
Since I live in the Netherlands there are not that many brands available. I only found Sera, Tetra and JBL. What should I get for my fish?

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As a daily food, flake food and/or granule food, usually the 'Tetra' brand is great. For the Corycats you'll definitely need to get some sinking pellets as they are bottom dwellers, such as algae wafers. Then, on the side as a treat you may like to get some bloodworms or brine shrimp to feed 1-2 times a week, as well as every now and then some cooked 'shelless' peas to balance out their diet. :)
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Does amazon ship in your area? I like to order most of my fish equipment online because its easy to find what I'm looking for and most of the time its a bit cheaper (especially when you can have it shiped together). If you can't do that for some reason you can always suppliment the tetra products with live foods (bugs or veggies that you sink to the bottom)
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Tetra is fine.

The formulation of the common tropical flake contains more fillers than some brands, making it cheaper, but the fillers are not inherently harmful. It's not ideal for all species, but it is usually fine for the commonly traded tetras, barbs, and danios. It shouldn't be the only food you use, however.

The corys need sinking foods. They eat some algae, some shrimp, and some worms.

The key with food is that the fish get bored of the same food. You have to vary their diets for proper nutrition. Also, if you have a planted tank, you have a lot of food in the tank. Skip a feeding once a week to let them learn to forage.

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