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It is starting to get cold, and I don't have a heater in my 80 gallon tank. Should i worry? The temp is currently 73.8 degrees. What are the highest and lowest temperatures that oscars an handle. If this is an emergency please respond as soon as possible.


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Oscars can do pretty well at temperatures into the low 70's, but if you anticipate your house getting colder than that I would get them a heater. An 80g tank isn't going to get really cold overnight, so even if it does get pretty cold tonight they'll probably be fine until tomorrow.

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I'd get a heater. If your tank is 74 in early November by late December or mid January its not going to be pretty. The good news is heaters aren't that expensive. I personally like the Visi-Therm Stealths and a 250W is under $20 before shipping.

Aquarium Heaters: Visi-Therm Stealth Heater

In fact if you want to you can request a catalog then use the $5 off coupon inside and probably get the heater for under $20 with shipping.

Now the sort of good news. The larger the tank the slower it loses heat. The conventional wisdom is for 3 to 5 watts per gallon of tank. A 250W heater would put your tank on the low end of that but given the tanks size you should be ok so long as the tank isn't in a room that is not usually heated or allowed to get excessively cold. A better but more expensive solution would be to get two heaters in the 200 to 250W range. That would give you lots of heating ability, better distribution of the heat, and some redundancy. It'll also cost twice as much.

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Sometimes two heaters can be a good thing. Seldom do both shoot craps at the same time yet I confess that I only use two in tank with discus. I only use one in the others.

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Your oscars will be fine, unless it snows. even then they should be able to cope. bottom line you should get a filter as soon as possible, your oscars should do fine for the time being.
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