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Changing my Filter Mechanicals

I have had some recent issues with my Penguin 150 and my LFS suggested I switch my filter from the Penguin to the AquaClear.
I have a 20g, 24x16x12. 4 Panda Cory, 4 Glo Fish, 2 Tiger Barbs and 2 small algaes.

On my Penguin, my biowheel stopped moving no matter what I did. It was a flow issue not pushing the wheel. I changed the filter and removed the extension tube on the intake and cleaned everything, but it didn't help. Because of this my tank has become quite the green house of "plants" in a non planted tank.

In order to get the new filter assembly up and running, how do I go about getting the new bio material set up with proper colonies? Do i stick just the bio material in the tank with the old filter running and then switch it over after a time?

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Changing my Filter Mechanicals

You’ll be making a HUGE improvement to switch to an aquaclear. AC30 at least, AC50 would be better. You can always dial back the flow on the larger filter.

You are on the right track - getting the media from the penguin into the AC is the name of the game. Assuming that the filter cartridge from the penguin is not new and contains beneficial bacteria, I would cut the pad from the plastic backing and stick the pad in the AC in-between the sponge and the biomax. There’s no need to run both filters at the same time if you can simply transfer the bacteria colony from one to the other. If your penguin filter cartridge is new, then you’ll want to use the bio wheel instead, same way.

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I am definitely going with the AC 50.

Thanks for advice. I will need to use the biowheel to get set up. I have AC guts (sponge and charcoal pack) in the Penguin now to eliminate the blue filters. I'll give it another week or so to acclimate with bacteria before I move everything.
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