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Buy Fish Online?

Just wondering if anyone has experience buying fish online. I had figured it was a bad idea since being shipped must be stressful, but then I was buying at the local shop the other day and realized that's how they got them.
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I bought my multies from Aquabid.

If the person you get them from has a good track record and live arrival guarantee, it's reasonably safe.

I prefer not to because shipping is expensive and I stress all day (and maybe some nights and days before) waiting for the mailman, but eh... sometimes the local fish stores don't have what I want.

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Same here--I've bought online at least 5 times now, and NO deaths! They all arrived very healthy. But...I order from someone in California, the same state I live in. That way, the fish arrive overnight, and I pay for priority shipping, which is a heck of a lot cheaper than overnight. And my fish are not stressed as much as being in the mail for 2-4 days. So if you find someone in your state, you would probably get your fish overnight. I just got a shipment of 5 Hasborus cories, and you would never know they had been shipped. Don't seem stressed at all. I advocate online shipping, as long as you know FOR SURE that your fish won't be enroute for several days. That would make me nervous! As it is, like Kaxen, I stress out waiting for the mailman.

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