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Aqadvisor reliability?


I was wondering if anyone has any experience with this website AqAdvisor - Intelligent Freshwater Tropical Fish Aquarium Stocking Calculator and Aquarium Tank/Filter Advisor
I only ask because I have been basing which fish and how many to put in my tank. Granted I'm using the mode on the site that assumes all the fish I choose are adult size. I currently have 5 bloodfin tetra and 6 american grass shrimp. I'd say 3 of the tetra are adult size and 3 of the shrimp as well. I've had this tank running with the fish in it for 2 weeks. I plan to add more over the next 2-3 weeks.

I would like to add a baby betta from lps as well as either a snail or some kind of bottom dweller. According to the site listed above this is what it is telling me the following.

If I had gotten neon tetra I would be under capacity around 90 percent vs the bloodfin, but they looked cool and they were a dollar a piece. What do you think about this site does that seem correct? and is it a big deal to be at 103% I would perfer to be at 90 with the neons ,but I have the bloodfins now. Wish I had gotten a 15 gallon now instead of the 10 .

Also on a side note one of my 5 bloodfins is small compared to the other 4 and he or she tends to sometimes go alone and hide should I be worried he comes out and schools with them still and eats so I don't know what to do.

Thanks for reading

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keep going with your school in my opinion if you add other kinds you could get a fight and have to move fish or lose them. If you add anything make sure it feeds from a different zone (top, mid, bot being the zones) also make sure it stays small. Don't over stock tho, when in doubt leave it out.
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AQadvisor is decent if you don't take everything as gospel.

It doesn't take into consideration heavily planted tanks but it is helpful for pointing out fish compatability and numbers that should be kept of each species.

Animal testing is a terrible idea; they get all nervous and give the wrong answers.
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I ended up getting one extra bloodfin and an Inca gold snail with a baby betta. Total 6 bloodfin 2-3 are very small 3 medium, 6 grass shrimp 2 are large 4 are small, Inca gold snail, and a baby betta. I'm quite happy with this setup. The baby betta I look forward to watching him or her grow. It hides at the bottom mostly atm, but it is curious about the grass shrimp.
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Updated with pics and info on my tank.
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1st planted tank rio 400

its ok as a rough guide
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AqAdvisor - spec

My 10 gallon started leaking and I decided to upgrade to a 15 I have every fish in the list to the link above except the 4th panda cory. Mind you like 2 of the tetra are full grown and the betta is a baby. Do you think adding that fourth cory will be fine says I'm goo for space but not for filtration. That penguin 100 is rated for a 20 gallon so...I've been doing about 25%- 30%water change a week so far also.

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So does anyone think I should get a different filter over the penguin 100?
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Go for an Aqua Clear if you can swing it. Some years back part of my fun in the hobby was filter abuse, the AC's come out on top. Anything that uses cartridges has a lame pump, and is limited as far as media.
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I made a new thread asking this question with more details titled "Do I need a better filter" since it is a different question. The aquaclear is on my list of filters should I get the aqua clear 30 then?
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