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Angelfish advice

So I have a 29 gallon I’ve been running for 6-8 months with two angelfish and assorted live bearers and Cory’s. The angels got along great when I first got them, but they recently started getting more aggressive with one now spending a lot of time under a rock. (I knew this was a risk with two angels but hoped I would get lucky, and for a while it seemed I did.) I plan on getting a new 55 gallon tank this weekend. My question is should I just separate the two and stock the 55 gal around the single angel, or could I move both angels to the 55 and get 4-6 more and hope the schooling effect deters the aggression?
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Either could work, obviously separating them is the safest option. You might need to put in a divider while you wait for the 55 to start up and let the one recover. It's a gamble with angels. Heavily planting the 55gal could help with aggression in the future.
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Or you might add 4 more angels in the 55g.

my .02

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I could've actually written that post, except my first tank was a 37 gallon. My two angels, who were previously chill, just decided out of the blue one day that they hated everything and everybody. I bought a 55 gallon, and ended up buying a divider, splitting the 55 gallon tank into two parts, one for each of the angels. It works great, and they've settled down quite a bit, though the dividers are definitely easier to install in a new tank and not an already established one.
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The one has come out from under the rock, but now they continuously stand off against each other over the sunken battleship. They feint like they’re going to charge before the bigger one loses interest, and then turns around and they do it all over again. It’s actually pretty entertaining, besides the fact they might rip each other apart one of those times. It’s going to take a few weeks to get the 55 set up, so I’ll just have to wait and hope they make it. I might try putting them both in the 55 and seeing if the extra space calms them down before deciding to add anymore. I do plan on planting the 55 pretty heavily. The 29 has a good number of plants but not a lot of big ones. they can hide themselves in.

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Try rearranging all the decorations. Even getting rid of that sunken Battleship and getting something different. Make them re-establish territory

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