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Advice on new addition of bottom feeder

Looking for ideas on a new bottom type feeder. I've been trying ghost shrimp in my son's 10 gallon and we just lost the second one this morning. I know they are not always the most hardy so I'm wondering if anyone has any suggestions for something new to try? I love watching the little ghost shrimp, they're very cool and I'm ok if they keep dying but I think my son would rather they didn't

Are there any other bottom type feeders out there that would help keep the tank clean and also be fun to watch?

10 gallon freshwater planted
3 male guppies
3 male zebra danio

Tank is only 4 weeks old, it's still cycling. I keep an eye on ammonia which hasn't risen above .25 and nitrites have never gone up. Ph is 7.6-7.8, water is hard.

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Quick question: how do you know if the zebra danios are male?

Other than that, I wouldn't suggest much. Maybe a couple of nerites or if you want something showy, a mystery snail or two.

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I think my LFS said the danio were male. I know those folks don't often know a lot but I got lucky and the two aquatic specialists at mine have both had large aquariums for more than 10 years so I trust them. I could be remembering them talking about the guppies though.

I've been thinking of a mystery snail, though my boy would like something that moves a bit more ;). We may just be destined to have a series of ghost shrimp.
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Maybe wait a bit until your tank is more stable (cycled) before adding the more sensitive creatures like shrimp. If they are still dying after the cycle, we can take a look at your water conditions and patameters for shrimp at that time. Enjoy the danios and keep the ammonia and nitrite safe for the fish until the tank fully cycles. It may take weeks to cycle with fish in. The most important thing at this point is to keep conditions safe for your danios. If it's a new tank, there may not be much for shrimp to graze on. Once you register 0ppm ammonia and nitrite, and see a bit of nitrate, your tank is considered cycled. Give it 2 weeks like that and try ghost shrimp again.
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