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Question 20 Gallon Stocking Suggestions?

Currently right now i have:
4 Black Phantom Tetras
2 Khuli Loaches

what else should i eventually add to my tank? I was thinking some otto catfish for algae, maybe a couple guppies (still not sure), but other than that i dont really know. any suggestions would be cool.
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Were it me I'd another three Khuli loaches as they do best in groups.
As for other ideas I'll leave it to the experts!

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ok kymmie thanks. i knew the needed to not be kept alone, but i didnt realize there should be that many
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Guppies will make more guppies, lots of guppies. The only way to avoid this is to buy male only.

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Another way to avoid it is finding a pro fry eating fish and let it go nuts.

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The black phantoms would also do better in a larger group.

Is this a 20 high, or a 20 long?

4 8 15 16 23 42
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so that's a high right?
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Well, how tall, and how long is your tank... Can't tell from three numbers which one is which...

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Otto cats I really like... stupidly I didn't quarantine them first, but I've had them for a month now just about and they are doing just fine, although it was a challenge to get them to eat at first. They really DO prefer algae over anything else, but I've had luck with romaine lettuce. Will be trying baby spinach after that. My LFS guy also said he feeds his turnip greens and collard greens. Just blanch whatever you use in the mic. I got a bag of romaine hearts and nuked one piece in about a half inch of water in a bowl for 35 seconds. Just put it in the same place in the tank everyday and you should be okay. If you have a veggie clip that would be good, but I have got a piece of driftwood that has a little spot where I can just slide the veggies under and it stays there. Good luck! Also, ottos are best kept in groups.. I currently have 2 though.
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i was using LxWxH so it would be 2 feet long, a foot wide, and 16 inches high
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