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What are your three favorite ancient fish?

Since getting my butterfly fish I've only been getting ancient fish since : ) Bulldog pleco, and dinosaur eel.. What are your three favorite ancient fish, or which ones do you own?
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Arowanas, Gars, Bowfin. We breed Gars
Arows and Bowfin are specialist fish and not for normal aquariums, they will rip your hand off.

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Yellow Tang, Flame Hawk, Chromis, Clown Fish, assorted damsel, Rabbit Fish Other invertebrates: Cleaner shrimp, chestnut cowrie, royal urchin, blue linka starfish, snails, black brittle star

Read more: https://www.tropicalfishkeeping.com/f...#ixzz2FdcvxGqx


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I like the amazon fish which has lungs. Forgot its name but was surprises to see it sold in Kathmandu. Damn expensive. Cost something around 350 USD. Isn't is a protected species?
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I like the Amazon fish which needs to breathe air and has lungs. This Fish goes back to the dinosaur age me thinks.

Was surprised to see it in sale here in Kathmandu. Just one baby one was for sale and cost was around USD 350

Isn't it a protected species?
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I only have two that I really like. Bichirs, and Rope-Fish. Specifically I am a big fan of the Ornate Bichir.
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Pistolero, are you talking about the South American Lung fish? My LFS has these. Google Image Result for http://www.ucmp.berkeley.edu/vertebrates/sarco/lungfish1.jpg

I like Arowanas, Knife fish (Clown Knife or African Brown) and Gars.

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Jeaninel its name is arapaima.
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Ooohhh yeah. Those things get HUGE!
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Pleco don't fall under the "ancient fish" category. They are catfish and while catfish have been around for a while, they aren't ancient fish. Siluriformes (the catfish order) is relatively recently derived compared to bichir and sturgeon.

My favorite ancient fish are sturgeon. Granted, I know I will need a massive tank, but I don't plan to keep them. I just like to enjoy them in aquariums and in the wild. Gars and arapaima are also pretty awesome, too. Can't beat some of the largest freshwater fish around, but arapaima are certainly not for fish tanks. And yes, they are a threatened species because they are hunted for food.


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I heard there are some commericalised Arapima's in SE Asia. Some fish sellers were saying that there is a silver variant which can be traded. true or False?
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