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Substrate for DP's

I was hoping to be able to use some tumbled rock substrate for the tank. is that a possibility? there are no sharp edges or anything. or do they really have to have sand?

If so, how much and where can i get sand?
You cycle a tank with the plants and substrate in the tank correct?
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Well, puffers don't *need* any particular kind of substrate as they never spend any time on the bottom, but with sand they might have an easier time finding snails cruising around. If you're doing a really serious planted tank, you might want something like Eco-Complete, which is a sandy substrate designed for planted tanks. If you want to go the cheap route, you can buy a 50lb bag of play sand from Home Depot for about $4. Just be sure to rinse it really well before adding it to your tank or you'll have a cloudy mess.

You can cycle with or without plants or substrate, but both can speed up your cycle.

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Ok, thanks for the advice! I will see price wise if i can handle the eco-complete.
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I have sand at the bottom of my DP tank.
Allot of times in the morning when I turn on the light, they will be nesting in the sand.
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well it looks like i probably won't get them anyways
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Why not?
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eh, just decided it seems like more work than i have time for. I won't want to get them and then have to get rid of them b/c i can't find the time to take proper care of them. This may just be me saying this b/c im sick (three week sinus/ear/eye infection) and am just tired. who knows. I am putting off deciding for a while, till everything even outs
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Well sometimes it's best to take some extra consideration before committing to caring for something else. The right will come and there will always be DP. I hope your feeling better, I landed in the hosp. with the latest flu-bug. Take good care of yourself.
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Thats what i figured. Usually i would have no problem, but this is my busy time in band, and i have no energy. So i think i will hold off till after a graduate in june. Maybe ill put my betta in it. but even just cycling it seems like to much work right now.

i hope you are feeling better as well. I am full of anti-biotics so hopefully ill be better soon to. missed like 12 days of school
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