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Senegal Bichir Problem.

Bought a Senegal Bichir yesterday, just got back and checked the tank to see how he is doing and well he isn't doing good. He is sitting at the top of the tank above one of my filters and is not moving about much. He does have a small nick out of his tail. That seems to be the only visible problems with him.

He is the first fish I have bought in months as I had a major problem with the tank that wiped out 90% of my fish. The have been no problems with the tank since that.

The tank has been running for well over a year now, should be coming up on 2 years running. Here is some info on the tank:

125L (UK)

Sand substrate.

Filtration: Fluval U4, Fluval U2 and a Fluval Plus 3.

Heating: Not sure I think it is a 350W heater, set at 27 degrees.

I will get the stats for the tank and try and get some pictures of him too. I will post another reply in the next 10mins with that info. But in the meantime any sort of info or suggestions on how to improve his health or even any thoughts on what might be wrong with him would be great. I am sick of fish dying in my which is why I have not bought any new ones in so long, so please anything you think might help let me know.

Thanks in advance,

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pH= 7.0
Ammonia= 0
NitrIte= 0
NitrAte= 0

My NitrAte usually sits between 0.05 and 0.1, I done a 60% water change on Saturday so that might be why.

I always do a 40-60% water change every Saturday, the size of the water change depends on how the tank looks.

Tankmates: 2x Blockhead Cichlids, 1x Butterfly Pleco, 1x Krib, 2x Bushynose Pleco, 1x Hoplo, 1x Talking Catfish and 1x Zigzag Eel. That is in order of smallest to largest aswell. The largest is my Zigzag eel who is between 7 and 8 inches.

There should be two pics attached, the first is of his tail, the second is of him at the top of the tank. Sorry about the poor quality. I will try and get some better clearer ones.
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Just fed my fish and he seems to be eating, he liked the brine shrimp, but when he was swimming to get it he would stop and his tail would start to drop as if it was too heavy for him, it takes him a couple of seconds to start going again.

I can't think of anything else to put, so I will just wait and see what you guys think. Maybe it's just me being paranoid, but all comments are appreciated.

Thanks again in advance and hope to hear from someone soon :)

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His tail definitely does appear injured, but from what I can see it doesn't look infected, which is good. Was he injured when you bought him, or is it possible that your other fish caused the injury? You do have some fish that are potentially aggressive and/or predatory, so he might be hiding up top to avoid them.

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The fins are certainly shredded. Looks like it's being nipped. Did you change up the decor when you added it? The fact that it's floating at the top leads me to believe that maybe the cichlids didn't appreciate it resting in their territory.

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I changed everything in the tank as I was given a couple of really big bits of mopani wood to replace a few of my smaller ones. I then wet out and bought some new air stones and 24 new plants to get a bit of green into the tank.

The problem is solved now as I removed the krib and put him in another tank, noticed one night he was searching around the filter, then realised the bichir was between the back and the glass, when he/she tried to move the krib was all over him/her so I removed him then and there.

He/she is looking alot healthier now, all the fins are fine, starting to gain weight and is freely moving around the entire tank.
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That's really funny...
My krib was the SAME WAY...the smallest fish in my tank..yet managed to absolutly stress the heck out of any fish I put in my tank..
I soon removed her..and placed her in my 30 gallon tank to smarten of other cichlid's put him in her place
.a few months later..roughly 5-6 months later.
.I re-homed her back into her origional tank. It seems as though that few months really smartened her up lol...or she wasnt interested in breeding anymore..god she can be quite the rude bugger!
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My krib was put in his place long before the bichir arrived, my ZigZag eel was not a happy bunny when I moved him from a smaller tank to the one he is in now and the krib made the mistake of messing with it right after the move, so the krib ended up pinned in the corner with a very grumpy eel in front of him. That seemed to stop him bullying anything in the tank which is why I was so surprised when the bichir had trouble.

Just looked at those pics properly and I think my tanks need a good scrub on the outside lol, too much to do and not enough hours in the day...

Cheers for all the replies and apologies for taking so long to get back to everyone.
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