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Puffer or ancient

I recently acquired a 30 gallon bow front tank and I wanted something cool. I have always wanted puffers, but I always want them when the tank has other fish and it needs to have a species tank. So then I had also looked African Butterflies and Leaf Fish together and they match quite well.

So I was looking for some insight on which combo would be better and if puffers which species (I had my eye on green-spotted or figure-eight) and if you think Leaf fish and african butterflies would be better if you could give me a ratio of each fish (I know that it is unlikely that I can more than one of each but...)

Thanks for the help
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GSP and Figure 8's are ok, but brackish and not that amazing looking or large. I'd look more into a hairy puffer or a dragon puffer if u wanted to go species specific and dedicate it to one fish. I've got a hairy puffer right now that i've had for maybe 2 years and if u can find one, they're awesome.
Leaf fish and butterfly would also be cool, I've actually kept both in the same tank a few years back. I had 1 african butterfly with 3 south american leaf fish (Monocirrhus polyacanthus). Currently I have a couple asian leaf fish (Nandus nandus) and they could potentially join as well if u can find them.

Another thing u might consider if u can find one is a Erythrinus Sp. Peru aka purple wolf fish. They don't get super huge and have a ton of personality. They are also super active and really only stop swimming around when they are full of food. I've also got one of these guys and they're a pretty cool predator for a smaller tank.

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Thanks for the advice on the puffers and when I looked at them online I couldn't find out if they are brackish or saltwater, if so I wasn't really looking to start a salt water tank so if you have any other suggestions if they are salt
plz and thank you
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Hairy puffers and dragon puffers are pure freshwater. Hairy puffers are well more money than a dragon puffer would be though.

Those would probably be my top 2 picks for a tank of that size if u want to go the puffer route.

11 tanks @ 660 gallons currently active... From river monsters to rasboras. Check out my YouTube and subscribe!
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