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Feeding Bichir's

Whats best for feeding Bichirs with? i know a mix diet is essential, but what do you suggest as good options? i have heard people use real worms from their garden, is this true?i havent had mine long and feed it frozen bloodworms and live bloodworms and pellets so far, but looking to more options. can anyone help?

It's only small at the moment, as i have only just got him. maybe 2 inches.
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I've heard of people using worms from their gardens but I've never been tempted. Have you tried shrimp pellets, frozen beefheart & frozen krill? I'd think a bichir would love those foods.

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i give my bichir sinking shrimp pellets, frozen brine shrimp, and frozen bloodworms.
he really likes an all meat diet.
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Worms are good, but worms could carry diseases, so maybe you could breed worms in a bucket of moist soil and feed them leafs and they breed pretty easy. or you can buy worms at a bait shop. or you can feed them worms you find and hope they dont carry disease

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I have two bichirs, and they love ghost shrimp. I also give them night crawlers, and feeder fish from time to time, as well as brine shrimp. I rinse the brine shrimp, and plop them in. I keep several dozen ghost shrimp in my 75 gallon tank at all times. They are little piglets though. They eat as much as they can catch, so sometimes I will let the ghost shrimp population die down a little before I restock the tank with them. They are known to eat any fish small enough to fit in their mouth, so be careful who you put in the tank with them. Also, they can get fairly large. I only feed mine live food.

Hope that helps.
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bichirs will love pretty much ANY meaty foods. any freeze dried or frozen foods. any carvnivore or shrimp pellets. also they love any live foods that they can catch. one suggestion is that if you catch any non-poisonous bugs outside, your bichir will love them. but they're honestly not really that picky, they're just a little slow moving. so the challenge is getting the food to them. my approach is that i get them comfortable with my hand near them in the aquarium and i'll just hand feed them.

one warning/suggestion- beefheart will make your bichirs grow very very quickly. but, if you feed it to them everyday it will lead to stomach problems down the road. it should just be used as a treat.
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What size fish can a full grown bichir eat? I was wanting to keep some in a tank with cories, but have a feeling the cories will end up as snacks. I'm not sure how large the bichirs mouths get. Of course i would let the rest of the tankmates get full grown before adding the bichir
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Feeding garden Worms

Originally Posted by aunt kymmie View Post
I've heard of people using worms from their gardens but I've never been tempted. Have you tried shrimp pellets, frozen beefheart & frozen krill? I'd think a bichir would love those foods.
I use worms from my garden almost every other day. I wash them and pat clean with a towel. You have to ensure there is no dirt because dirt could contain chemicals/fertilizer. "Barry" my senegal bichir loves them. I might go to a course fishing shop and buy maggots and worms from there. Lots of meaty protien.

Has anyone tryed maggots?
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maggots are easy to breed just don' feed them the first batch

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"don' feed them the first batch" Whsy that? and what about if you just buy them from a shop?
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