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pearl with sparkling gouramis?

I have a couple old aquariums i would like to condense into a single 29 gallon planted tank, all of my stocking is worked out and shouldn't be a problem. In one i have a single, adult female pearl gourami and in the other 3 adult sparkling gouramis, 2 male 1 female (i know not the best idea but they have been fine for 1+ years with no harm). i have found 3 forum posts about this and they all say pearls should do fine with sparklers but they dont seem like reliable sources. Can anyone tell me if they had experience with this and if so how did it work out? keep in mind it is a heavily planted tank and they are both so radically different they may not even see each other as a threat. also my sparkers hang near the bottom and the pearl likes they top. Thx
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since it has been a number of days since i posted with no replies i decided to just add them and see how things go, hopefully this will help others who have this question decide if its possible. knock on wood but after 4 hours everything is peaceful. i guess this could be because the pearl is sulking on the bottom of the tank whenever i look into it. (she has been in her last take for a year now and is very upset about the move, smart little fish lol) i will continue to post updates if interest is shown.

Over Stocking Only Becomes A Problem For The Fish When They Can Feel It, But It Becomes Your Problem When They Feel It.
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No one has commented but ill give this one last update to help people who has interest in the future. I combined them a week ago and there has been no aggression what so ever. they just completely ignore each other, they swim past like there's no big deal, i would say that is the most peaceful combination in any tank iv'e ever had.

Over Stocking Only Becomes A Problem For The Fish When They Can Feel It, But It Becomes Your Problem When They Feel It.
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