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Honey Gouramis

I went shopping today and decided against my original plan for Dwarf Puffers and bought 2 Honey Gouramis. These are a reddish orange, is this what color they are supposed to be? I have one book that has them pictured reddish orange (get to 2 inches) but I have another that has them as "honey" colored (get to 1 1/2 inches). Does anybody know how big they get? fresh from lfs they are 2 inches.

What can I put with them in a 10 gal tank? I'm thinking about a Dwarf African Frog and ghost shrimp or Pygmy Cories.
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Any pictures of your gouramis? I'm sure they are indeed honey gouramis. As for tankmates, make sure the frogs are not clawed species. Ghost shrimps and cories are fine. You might want some rasbora species along with cherry barbs.:)

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Honey Gouramis

I don't have any pictures. I am technologically challenged in that area.

I forgot how much fun Gouramis could be. At first they hid every time they saw me. They are situated just inside the bedroom door so they get walked regularly and within a few hours they started to follow me around the tank. They come to the front and look at me while I'm folding clothes and are very curious about everything I do. I think I'm going to work on hand feeding with these guys they seem to like being social.
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I was looking into this a while ago. IIRC, Honey Dwarf Gouramis are Cosa chuna, and regular Dwarf Gouramis are Cosa lalia. C. chuna is honey yellow, with mature males having a blue face and throat. They stay smaller, are less aggressive, less prone to disease, but pickier about water. C. Lalia gets larger, can me more aggressive, and is the one you're likely to see in powder blue or tomato or sunset reds and oranges. That's been kicking around the memory banks for 3 or 4 months, so I may have gotten it a little off. In this case, google is your friend. :-/

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Honey Gouramis

Thank you.
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