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I've been interested in dwarf gouramis for sometime now, so I think I'm going to create a 20 Gallon tank. I want to get one dwarf gourami and a school of tetras. I'm thinking 8. I have look up tetras that pair well with dwarf gouramis. I found out that bleeding heart, penguin tetra, and a black skirt tetra are good options. Is this true or are there better option?

I'm also thinking about getting some kind of Corydoras. I haven't decided which kind yet. I'm think I'm going to get 4 to form a small school. What type of corydoras should I get and will fit in my tank with 1 gourami and 8 tetras. Thank you for you help
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Pretty much all tetras do well with gouramis. I personally wouldn't go with the ones you listed, since they all get pretty large and also active - aka, would personally keep them in a 30g breeder or 55g. I would suggest some of the smaller tetras, like cardinals, neons, embers, silvertips ect.
As for cories, i would suggest the dwarf cories if you can, and upping the shoal to around 10. Otherwise, with the regular sized cories, I'd stick to a max of 8 to keep them happy.

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20 Gallon Gourami Tank Ideas

Yup I agree - stick to small species for the small tank. Good for you for knowing that you can’t keep multiple dwarf gouramis.

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Thank You

Thank you for your help. I did see that you could keep though kid of tetras with gouramis but I thought they were too small. I will look for some dwarf corydoras and maybe the neon or ember tetras. Thank you again
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