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Question 10 Gallon Betta tank, want ideas!

Hey guys, long time betta keeper here, in my life have probably had over a hundred, anyway, I am in college now and have my 10 gallon fish tank. It is cycled, and last night I bought 2 betta fish, a male and a female, because I couldn't chose one and leave the other there! They are separated so don't jump down my throat, but I am planning on adding companion bottom feeder type fish. The tank will be split in half, and so I was thinking 5 kuhli loaches on the male side, and like a small colony of ghost shrimp on the female side, I did the aqua-advisor thing and it says that I'll be fine, but I wanted some other opinions, or ideas about what else i could do that would be content in the foot print of a 5 gallon tank.

Some details
10 gallon tank
AquaClear 30 filter with a sponge, carbon, ammonia neutralizer pack, and bio rings.
Male dumbo eared betta fish
Female Koi betta fish
and divided into 2 5 gallon sections.

Want to avoid snails because they have a hard time thriving in my water at home so I have never had a good experience with snails that I wanted. Plenty of nuisance snails though!

Any recommendations? I would be bringing my Kuhlis from home, well like 5-6 of them, and then shrimp.
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Kuhli loaches need space, and would not do well in a 5 gallon footprint. Ideally they need closer to a 20g long, so even a 10g is stretching it.
Have you thought about snails?

The less fish you jave in there, the easier its to maintain - which works out for a busy college schedule.

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Okay, so no kuhlis, I would need to check the water quality for snails, I have always had a hard time with snails, because my water wasn't right at home, so I am not sure I want to get into snails... maybe just a bunch of shrimp?
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Ah thats a shame. Ive always had great success with snails - tooo much success.. Malaysian trumpet snails are pretty easy to care for and if you have sand help to stir it up. Likewise, ramshorns and bladder snails are easy to care for, so are mystery snails. I just add a bit of cuttlefish bone for calcium every so often - especially in low pH - and supplement with bicarbonate to keep gH high.

Maybe dwarf cories?

(Since kuhlis are a lot more skinner than bettas, could a small tunnel work? All you need is a small 1/4 inch tunnel and they should be able to squeeze through and the betta shouldnt... (food for thought... covering this area with a pile of stones would also ensure bettas stay on their size, and that way, your increasing the tank space for the loaches?)

Shrimp make great additions, but they can turn into expensive snacks.

Dwarf cories maybe? Or otos?

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You could do Corydoras Habrosus or Pygmaeus. Pgymeaus tend to be middle-swimmers which may turn into a snack for the Betta if they intrude on his/her territory at the top of the tank. Habrosus are bottom dwellers and typically do very well with Betta's. I have them in most of my tanks. You could do 3 on each side, it's not ideal as I usually suggest 5 minimum for a group but that would already give you 8 fish total for the 10 gallon. I agree with Aussie about the less fish, the easier it is to maintain especially during college. I've been there done that, graduated for two years lol so I'm familiar with that at least. Tanks were great during college, they can be a great stress relieve or stress inducer depending on how many you have >.<

You could do some Ember Tetras or Espei Rasbora, both are small and you could do 5 on each side of the divider. I would just make certain that your filter capacity is enough for all the fish. Adding micro/dwarf/nano fish seems like it wouldn't hurt the filtration much, but they can. I would double check on aqadvisor.com to see what your stocking level is at. And if you add the Betta's you'll get a warning to not do that obviously but you can ignore that just to get your numbers at least.

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