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I remember a number of people used to claim they didnít condition their well water, but for reasons you outlined, plus the low cost, I think I would still condition too.

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PH of 6?? Mine usually site around 7.4. Is 6 an ok level?
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Originally Posted by RedheadedMomma View Post
PH of 6?? Mine usually site around 7.4. Is 6 an ok level?
Yes! Higher pH is typically more stable which is good for the fish!

My pH is down at 4.5 lol, it's very low with no GH or KH which means it can fluctuate a lot. I have to let it sit out in a 5 gallon bucket for a few days, not to let off gas but to let it rise up in pH and then lower back down again to settle so it doesn't hurt my fish. Though, sometimes I just throw it right into my tank if it's big enough. My 5.5's I like to use the aged water but the 45, doesn't matter as much since the ratio of new water to old water is smaller.

But most fish are pretty well adaptable and pH's from 5.5 up to 8.5 are usually okay! Of course, that super high pH 8-8.5, softwater fish don't do as well in but it's great for African Cichlids and livebearing fishes like Guppies, Platy's, Molly's, and Swordtails! I like to keep fish that suit my water; it's much easier in the end.

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I think mine comes out of the tap at like 7.4, I feel lucky! haha

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I presume you know what regular behavior is for guppies and neons- active, colorful, and so on. Are the fish active?
Are they sedentary? Eating regularly? Swimming near the surface more often than not?

It's great that you have plants, but i wouldn't call them well-established. Didn't you say this was a new tank?

Ammonia showing up on the test is worrying, especially with a high ph- ammonia is in it's more toxic form when the pH is over 7.

You seem to be discussing a store-brand substrate?

Someone mentioned guppies and neons- can be fragile now. This is absolutely true.

So far, it sounds like you should use a product like prime that binds ammonia, detoxes heavy metals and breaks down chlorine and chloramines.

Originally Posted by Christople View Post
^^ genius

Soil Substrates Guide:
Part 1
--------- Part 2

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