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Kiddy pool to fish...pool

So, someone gave me this bright idea on here the other day, about turning a kiddy pool into a place to raise fish. Their's was a temporary outdoor type thing...mine will be indoor. Colorado's weather is too out there to do any outdoor tropicals. lol Plus we have kids, coyotes, foxes, raccoons and possums, occasional fox, along with many types of birds of prey and cats, snakes...I don't think outdoor ones would work, anyone with ponds here usually ends up with eaten critter left-overs next to their ponds eventually.

So here's what we're going to do, and I need some help on the set up because it's obviously a first for me, but is a cheaper alternative to an extremely large, and extremely expensive new tank. So advice is welcome!

I'm going to have it indoors, it'll be in the basement. Hoping for something that's 1-2 feet deep and large, something at least 300-400 gallons, biggest I can find that'll fit in the basement, I think.

I'm thinking sponge filter. I assume I'll need two or three. What kind would go well? I may just get to guessing.

The actually stays pretty warm down there all year round, so I don't know if I'll need more than one or any too powerful. I'll be testing that out. It stays 75 or so in the winter down there, maybe a bit warmer, and gets right hot in the summer though, however the A/C should keep it around 80 or lower. Basically it's always between 70 and 80 degrees down there, so the heater will just need to be the stability for that and keep it around 76-78. Because it doesn't get too cold or hot, that should be enough, or so I hope...

There will be floating plants like my crystalwort that grows like nothing else. No substrate, it needs to be easier to clean. Plants are always a plus. lol

Obviously I'll be testing and making sure it's cycled before putting any fish in there. =)

So this will be my project, I'm hoping against hope it'll be a quick and easy set up. Fat chance, eh? But since I have established media, it shouldn't take long, provided I get the right filters...I'm hoping to have it done quick though. I have some new babies in great need of more room. :3
Currently have like...I don't even know 50+ two week old swordtails. Bunch of mollies, always have mollies in, some guppies...see now why I need the space? My 55 gal with the adults is no longer ideal for the amount of kids I get in. Usually I give fry away for free because I haven't the space and want them to live and not stunt or die in over-full tanks, but I'm hoping to make this into a small business and one day have giant tanks instead. lol Seems like a good idea to me, a lot more space for a fraction of the cost a tank will be...should I find a proper pool that will last.

My 55 gal, and two ten gallons are past full capacity(the 20 gal is not usable for fry since it's housing a lovely blue crayfish...), and ma refuses to let me get a tank that's a few hundred gallons, especially since we don't have thousands of dollars to spend on one. LOL So this is my alternative.
Wish me luck, I shall update. Be nice if my...very wild idea I stole from someone else and modified a little actually goes well, eh? Otherwise it'll likely be years before I get enough tanks to get my business running. I knew someone who started out with a couple small tanks and storage tubs in their garage, a large pool in a basement sounds better to me...

So, am I nuts? Biting off more than I can chew? Very likely. In fact probable. =P Think I can pull it off? Guess we'll find out.

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Well, I got my heater, two sponge filters, two airstones, thermometer that sinks in not those silly stickers, some prime, extra sponges to get established with my already established ones and a good sized pool. Checked it all over before I got it. Got home, took off the sticker and it had a hole. My day went from WOO HOO to many curses. LOL

Well, got everything else for it, I'll be getting another tomorrow and removing the stickers first...they ask I'll tell them why. Haha. So, only put a bit of a setback in my plans, but there was another pool I liked, bit deeper, thicker and well made, but ma wanted the flimsy blue pool. o-o; I knew better, eh! I can't wait to get it set up, the mat of crystalwort alone should look good. :3

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I run a couple 150 gallon tubs in my basement fishroom. First thing is depth; once you hit the 24" mark you'll need a snorkel to reach the bottom, I'm 6', and can just hit it without having to hold my breath. Another thing to consider is a bit of insulation between the pool & concrete floor. While the air temperature may be warmer the concrete may well be cooler, mine gets just plain cold. I've got a wood pallet top under each tub, throwaways from work.

I filter them with 3 sponge & 3 box filters each. I run a 3rd outside once the weather breaks, summer platy tub. That one has a 5 gallon bucket of gravel & a pond pump for a filter, along with a 1000w bucket heater with a controller. I can keep that one at 90F when it's freezing out if I ignore the electric bill.

You know we'll need pics of this setup! :)
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Insulation: Well, my floor has old carpet with cement under it. Will I still need something? I'm not sure if we have wood sheets anymore. Since my grandpa got sick we've kinda...moved things out and he no longer has much of a workshop left down there. We used to have a bunch of wooden sheets among other things.

Oh, I'll get you guys photos. Just don't expect it to be pretty. LOL No matter how I try, I can't seem to make things nearly as pretty as some of you guys can. My planted tanks aren't bad, but they're certainly no designer job! Kinda hoping once my mat of crystalwort gets big enough, and hoping to order in some other floating plants like water lettuce maybe, that it'll cover up any...well, stuff not so pretty. lol If it doesn't work out for fish as I am hoping, I can put it outside and grow my plants in the summer. :3

I was thinking about putting the left-over sand substrate I have upstairs that I couldn't fit in my tank. It's not much, but there's some. I was going to put it on one side of the tank and add in some peaceful critters to help keep algae down. I don't use fish to do my job for me, but it's nice to have just a little help on the scrubbing. :3 I have some kuhli loaches, and I think they'd go alright in there, the pool is nice and smooth, thick plastic. Think that's alright? I like to keep cories or kuhli loaches in my nursery tanks because sometimes I drop in a bit of food too big for the babies and they get it right up. =) I think they'd like the space. lol

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Alright, it's up! Not as big as I had planned, but it's not small either.
It took forever to fill up, it's about five feet around and maybe a foot, give or take a few inches, deep(any guesses as to how many gallons that might be? Our best guess is 75 or so). Added plants and established media to the filters, which are cool, so it'll hopefully cycle a bit faster. No fishies until then though. I couldn't get the screen out of the window so I had to fill it by hand with a gallon pitcher. My back and hips are absolutely killing me and I'm not done yet(though I'll probably only add another inch of water, currently debating on it...I may need a screen JUST in case of jumpers...).

Got my airstones, plants, filters, heater(I may need another, but it stays pretty stable down there so I was hoping one would be enough to keep it there, we'll see), sinking thermometer and no stickers, and a broken back. LOL For just being put up, it's not bad, eh? It'll be perfect, and is indoor so easier to care for. I will turn down the fountains on the filters a bit later, for now it'll keep the water moving and even everything out, but later it'll be lower for the crystalwort I have in there(I also have a small anubias nana that sunk thanks to roots growing in gravel...and that stem plant was an accident lol), I hope it'll make a nice mat, I'd also like some water lettuce and maybe some water sprite too. Be my little pond in the basement. If it doesn't work out I could always get a pair of fancy goldfish. xD

The light I'm using is temporary, well..I may use those but more than one and I need to find some plant lights and find something else to hang them on. =)

So aside from my wanting more plants up top that'll look good, and the later addition of black sand in one area(probably not much, I wont do the whole tank, it'll be a real you know what to clean if I do!), what do you think? Any suggestions for further doings? It's to be handy, not pretty according to my grandma...but who says I can't have both?!

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250-300 gallons is my guess
i'd go to an aquarium size calculator to find exactly

150 gallons it is
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Hey! That looks great! Might want to think about a dehumidifier! Just a thought...
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i'm thinking about things now ...

get rid of the carpet, empty the pool, ... either move it or get the carpet out from under it, ... seal the floor to prevent water damage.

you're not going to spill any water right ? (we all know you won't right :)
water will never creep over the edge to drip down right ? (we know that won't happen :)

don't mean to sound like a jerk, ... i just had a sudden realization, ... your back is going to hate you, ... but your floor will love you for it, ... get rid of the carpet so you don't have to worry about water damage rotting everything out :(, that would be very bad, every very bad :(
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While the concrete under it will take an incredible amount of time to rot the carpeting will get a funky smell if it gets wet several times.
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@Flear: According to a pool volume calculator, it's only 73 gallons. ^^; I WISH I had one as big as your guess, I had one a tad larger before but we took it back because it was flimsy like I thought(ma argues it), but thankfully a hole happened before we filled it up because it was so cruddy. I went back and got the one I wanted. Although I'd prefer there not be any designs on there, I'll be watching them very closely since I know they eventually melt. My original pool was almost 200 gallons. T_T I wish it had worked out.

A dehumidifier sounds interesting, keep the outside areas dry-er? Where would one get that?

Hahaha, Ah yeah, that carpet is so old, in fact it's years and years older than me and I'm 27(I believe it's closer to 35, not sure though, we've been wanting it out forever, but every time someone moved out, someone moved back in! LOL My little cousin had it a little while ago, it's not clear she fears the basement and sleeps up next to my room on the top floor). So the place is mine and I chose to keep the old stuff. There is cement under it. But I KNEW there may be issues with it should it get I have a green machine(It's kinda like a mini carpet cleaner...well actually it is a mini carpet cleaner), that will suck water out of the carpet, much as any of those things can anyways, small fans that I hope I wont need to use because it might mess with the temp, and bags to go around it when I change water.

We were going to remove it first, but then I had this thought...they want it to stay as the cement under it, and we argued insulation for the fish pool, so I said to forget it because I didn't want to use bags or plastic painter sheets over the I figure I'll do what I can to just take care of it and keep anything gross from happening. lol

Turning on the Aquarium lamp in the morning is MY cup of coffee.

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