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These are the basic ways to keep your fish tank crystal clear for gold fish.

Try to change the 50% of the water every week with a gravel vacuum. Make sure to check the ammonia and nitrites are 0 and have the KH and GH at least 100 ppm for gold fish and advised to use a large tanks for gold fish, use a more than one filter for redundancy and donít use sponge filter go for a good bio filter. Thinks this would make your fish tank look better with a crystal view.
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It kindnof depends on the size tank considering usually gold fish tanks are like a gallon or two if its new it will be cloudy till the substrale settles 1-2 days if its been cycled then check the ammonia if its over 1.5 its prolly fish poo and waste don't feed them for two days and do a 20% water change with water conditioner if its algae do a slightly larger water chang /add a pleco
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o.o That's why we don't keep goldfish in bowls. They need proper sized tanks.
And adding a pleco is just adding another enormous bioload, they usually don't help anything.
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That's why I said if its algae
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Guidelines for tanks and bowls would be completely different. I have my single goldfish in a 20g and it still isn't big enough..

You will always be my best friend, .
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I have my fish in 30 g, and she feels pretty alright! Though there are more efforts with care than I expected. But I never regret I bought it.
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