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This is a discussion on kalkwasser within the Water Chemistry forums, part of the Advanced Saltwater Discussion category; --> Hey guys I am thinking about trying this stuff once I understand it a little better and read up on it some more. Do ...

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Hey guys I am thinking about trying this stuff once I understand it a little better and read up on it some more. Do you guys use kalkwasser? I read it helps to run a reef a little smoother. Whats the best water to mix with this stuff though? When I get the fuge setup I think thats when I will start using this stuff. What do you guys think?
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It's hard to beat Kalk. It helps keep CA and ALK stable. I've used it since day one. I have a friend that makes it in 100lb batches, it's almost free when you do that. The way us lazy folk do it is like this, get yourself a 5g jug to hold RO/DI water, put about 5 tablespoons of KALK powder in the jug and shake shake shake. After about an hour you can carefully begin to pour this top off water in to replace evaporation. Do not pour quickly. Basically the remaining KALK will seperate and fall to the bottom. You want to be only pouring clear water into the tank. After you finish topping off that missing gallon of water, shake the jug, replace the cap and store for next time. When you have about a half gallon left in the jug with some paste in the bottom, refill the jug with water and add the same amount of kalk.

Other methods include using an IV drip method like in a hospital. You add a gallon of water, a table spoon of kalk, shake shake shake, wait an hour, set the drip so it empties everyday.

Some build or buy Kalk reactors, also known as Neilson reactors. You put large quantities of kalk in the bottom of a reactor with a small recirculating pump in the bottom. Hook up a top off line, be it RO/DI from a unit or a top off line from a bucket and a pump. Have the recirc pump on a timer so that it comes on for about 20mins once a day. Have your electronic solenoid for your make up water shut off for an hour during this. Then the next time your make up water is activated it will add kalkwasser to your system.
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couldnt you run a calcium reactor for the same effect.
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I feel dumb but what is ro/di water? I am guessing its not tap.
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Andre of course you could shell out $400-900 for a nice CA reactor and another $300-500 in equipment including tanks, regulators, probes, controllers and solenoids, but for some buying a pound of pickling Lime for $2.00 at the hobby store is a more practical option.

BTW, that's what I use instead of buying expensive Kalk from the stores.

Kalk works wonders in conjunction with a CA reactor.
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