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How to read Salifert Test Kits

Hi everyone,

The Salifert test kits for Ca, Mg, KH/Alk, and Phosphate instruct

Add dropwise with the 1ml syringe the <reagent> to the water in the test tube. Swirl after each drop a second or two. Continue with this until the color changes from <X> to <Y>.
It is not the case that all drops will be ineffective until suddenly one drop changes the color of all of the water in the test tube. Rather, you'll add drop after drop and suddenly you'll notice that one drop changes the color of a little of the water in the test tube. As you continue to add drops, more water changes color.

My question is, am I supposed to take the reading the first time I notice a drop of reagent changing the color of the water in the test tube, once half the water in the test tube changes color, or should I keep adding reagent until all of the water in the test tube has changed color and then take the reading?

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with anny test like this (i use API) you add one drop then mix the vile add a drop then mix the vile and so on.. when you get close you may see a color change in the vile and then the next drop or two will bring you to the full color you are looking for.... as long as you are mixing after every drop you will se a one to two drop reaction that will change the whole vile...

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When you swirl the water after each drop the color should even out. When after swirling the color remains at the end color you are done. I've only got experience with their Mag test. When I put in a drop the water right where it hits turns blue but swirling makes this go away when I swirl and all the water is blue thats when I stop.

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Thanks, guys. It sounds like I just need to swirl more thoroughly because it always seems water of one color is suspended in water of another color.
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from what i understand there are two types of testing that test parameters, They are colorimetric testing and tritration testing. Colorimetric is where you compare to a color chart and tritration is when you get a sudden change in color after adding drops into a test tube and after mixing it stays that second color. i personally like the tritration better because it seems more accurate to me. i like salifert test kits myself. hopes this helps. the other thing is to be consistent. the numbers whlie they are important, whats more important is consistency. if you have to change to adjust parameters, move slowly.

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