GPH calculation?
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GPH calculation?

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Cool GPH calculation?

I have a bit of a thermodynamics question…Id like to know the max pressure (GPH) that a piece of 1” hose can handle…I will actually have about 12’ of head pressure on the line (so Im sure that the GPH at the top will be substantially less) but Id like to know what the max GPH that my line could handle might be (prob “pump output”?) …Id also like to know the calculation to find what my “actual” flow rate might be (after a given amount of head pressure)

(PS. If you don’t know this number/calculation (and you have 1” flexible tubbing) perhaps you could just state:

1. The GPH of your pump (exiting your pump)…
2. Your max tank flow rate accomplished (also in GPH)…
3. The head pressure you most likely have (with an estimated % if your restricting the flow with a ball valve)…

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a quick search came up with this calculator
however i have never used this particular one, but looks to be a good one.

personally i would use hard PVC and make it as direct as possible so pump pressure isnt lost.
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