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Originally Posted by saltwaterulz View Post
can someone help me how to put a picture up on thsi post. i have the picture saved on my desktop
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here it is
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The live rock structure looks nice and the sand depth looks great. The wonderful thing about this is that you have a very effective method of biologically breaking down organic waste and of denitrification, which will reduce your nitrate levels to zero in a properly set up system.

Which is the first thing we need to address. Why do you have a biofilter? The end result of biological filtration with a biofilter is the production of Nitrates. You al4ready have a method of ammonia and nitrite removal, and a method which does not harm the system with nitrate input. Your biofilter is HARMING your aquarium.

Is this a 20 gallon tank? I can't tell from the pictures. We really need to see the entire system. Post several pictures, including equipment, sump, drain lines, etc.
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heres a pic of the little thing
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Looks like an amphipod. Very beneficial to your tank. The are a natural food source for a lot of fish in the tank.

EDIT: I'm editing this post because I looked at your other post and noticed it was TWO of these kind of clear things. Do they move around the tank at all? or are they stationary? If they don't really leave the place they are they could be aiptasia, which are not beneficial to the tank at all. They are a nuisance that tend to multiply out of control and take over the tank. Some people squirt lemon juice into their mouths and that works if you have one or two. Others use Aipasia X; I have no experience with that. I used peppermint shrimp because I had a larger outbreak in my 150 gallon tank. Just make sure you get the correct shrimp, as I have heard that there is a very similiar shrimp that isn't at all an aiptasia eater.

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