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This is a discussion on faucet parameters within the Water Chemistry forums, part of the Advanced Saltwater Discussion category; --> Wow, nice set up! That's a beautiful array of colors......

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Wow, nice set up! That's a beautiful array of colors...
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Also, I would like to mention that I ahve done some research on the walmart distilled water, and the company that processes it her does not store it in any copper. Also, for anyone who is interesed, distilled water is just as pure as ro/di, but because of the way it is produced, it is not as popular. A distiller of some kind would be much more expensive than an ro/di unit, or at least an efficient one would be! If you want to use it call your local supplier,(on the front of the water conatiner you will find the companies name) give them a call. If that does not satisfy you, you can buy a tds meter and measure. TDS meters do check for metals as well..
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I have been using a combo of the green cap (drinking water filtered by RO) and purple cap (distilled water filtered by steam distillation). I haven't had a problem. I can't afford to drive to the LFS twice a week to pay .07 more a gallon than if I just buy gallons from Wally World. The guy at my LFS said that the Wal-Mart water is the same thing as his. I am saving up to buy a RO/Di unit, but until I get one...this water will do just fine.
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Yeah, I would love to have my own ro/di, but at this point in time, that will not be happening. Also, like you said, some of us are not close to a lfs (the one i go to is about 40 mins away). So wally world will have to suffice for now!
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Yep. Wal-Mart is seven minutes if I hit all the lights. My LFS is about forty. I still support my LFS and only buy my fish from there, and a lot of my equipment, but I have to draw the line somewhere...
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I will support my lfs as well, with live stock, but they are a little to over priced for my liking. I feel as though the only customers they have are being blindfolded by the immediacy of purchasing something on the spot, and they do not realize that most of the stuff they sell can be found for at least 10 to sometimes 30 bucks cheaper (including shipping) online.
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