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Brown algee

what would be the best way to keep brown algee under control it just seems like i cant keep it under control
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Lets start off by what are your water parameters, and how long has the tank been setup?
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my tank has been set up for about two months. it is a 55 gal. with an emperor biowheel filter. i only have a yellow tail damsel, a bright blue damsel, a like light yellow damsel, and an ocellaris clown fish. I also have three hermit crabs and 2 snails. 3lbs of live rock.
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With it being setup for 2 months, what are your water parameters, how much do you feed them, how long do you leave the lights on for during the day, also what type of lights do you have?
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i am going to take my water to my fish store and have them test it i have a ph test kit and it is in the 7.5 range. I leave my lights on about 12 hours which i know is a while but i have school and i turn it on when i leave at 7 and when i get home around 6.30. my 2 light say 15w aquarium light other than that i dont know what it is i bought the whole aquarium except the fish and heater and fish from someone. My salinity is 1.024, and my temp is 76.
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