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This is a discussion on Algae within the Water Chemistry forums, part of the Advanced Saltwater Discussion category; --> What is the best wayt o clean off algae from my live rocks? Is it ok to use a garden hose?...

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What is the best wayt o clean off algae from my live rocks? Is it ok to use a garden hose?
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absolutely not, do not use a garden hose lol. Unless you don't want your liverock to be live anymore!

What kind of algae is it? You can get a variety of animals that will eat various types of algae, but in general it's not a good idea to get something purely to clean algae as once it's gone, the animal may starve

The real solution here is to figure out why you have unwanted algae growing, and fix the source (otherwise it will just come right back after you clean it). So let us know what kind of algae it is or describe it/give photos if you don't know what kind, and also give as much info on your tank as you can (how old? how large? what kinds of filtration? what kind of water do you use for top-offs and water changes, e.g. tap water or RO/DI? What are your water parameters/test results? etc...)
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