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Well I was thinking about painting the inside with waterproof paint, because what Im interested in is tropical reptiles (chameleons, anoles, or a python (ball or rainbow) Because I have a lot of tall space that I think would be really cool to use up. I used to have anoles, but I wasnt very educated in keeping reptiles so to say the least, I failed miserably with them, but now I did a lot of research, and think a colony of green anoles would be really cool. But Im not completly decided in what I want. But I do know that some how I want to turn the space into something that will hold tropical herps.
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i think your better off putting the reps in their own tanks. think of it this way, the money spent on supplies to turn this thing into a tank could be used to find a nice size one off craigslist. that stand is also most likely laminated particle board, which means it wont take long in humid/wet conditions to fall apart.
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I still think that this will work.

Stay away from tropicals. Like onefish said, the wood can rot and/or smell forever if you get some humid animal.

Do you know how to incorporate doors yet? If not, the best is to get two pieces of glass that run all the way top to bottom, and about 4" or so more than half the length. The get a dremel (I think...) and cut slots for the glass all the way across (two; one in front of the other). This way, you could slide them.
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Yeah thats what I was thinking was sliding doors, or somehow get hinges on them so they can swing, with a lock in the front.
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Im almost thinking now of turning it into a rabbit cage O.o
I really wanted a python because we dont have crickets in town, and they only eat every couple of weeks or so.
So changing the idea, how to turn it into a nice rabbit cage, with plat forms?
Im planning on breeding my bunny Fritz, so I will need a larger cage anyways, and what better way =]

Would this be better then a reptile cage?

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Huh, interesting. I only know the most basic care of rabbits (we have one, but it is my sisters so she knows everything there), though. I don't think I would breed them (you would get babies and babies and babies if they pair up), but rather get two, maybe three females if you get the "regular" ones (which get huge as you know).

As to adding platforms, you could do sort of an alternating thing. Like make a platform on the right side about 1/3 of the way up (with a ladder), and then another on the left about 2/3 of the way up that has a ladder connected to the first platform.

Does that make sense?
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That makes sense lol
But I have a small breed female, and they would be kept in separate cages of course.
Shes a Polish, and the prospective boyfriend is a dwarf. So they would be small breeds.
And I want to put her in the (hopfully built) cage for her and her babies to have space, and then Mister will be kept in a separate cage.
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I don't think u need to breed rabbits, there are plenty of rabbits that are euthanized at shelters each day, and we don't need to create more. Stick with all male or all female.


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get to your local hardware store buy some plexi glass have them cut it to size so you'll have to measure get them to cut to size to cover the opening you can hinge the front panels and cover the wood with it using silicon to attach it allscrews for the front and back
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you could house some leopard geckos :)
they are dry lizards as such,the only water they need is a drinking dish,
and a moist hide. :)

when you set up a new tank,hide an extra
sponge or two behind some decor,that way you have
something seeded for you next filter.
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