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Here's something of an unfortunate update:

I accidentally killed the little froggies

I got a bunch of new tanks, so I decided to move everyone from the 10g to a 20g long so they'd have more space. I was so used to the anole never drinking water out of his water dish, so even though I keep it filled I've never seen it as a super-essential part of his habitat. So, when I moved everything, I forgot to put the water dish in the new tank. Apparently one night is long enough for the frogs to dry out if they don't have water to soak in. I felt terrible!

Since then, I've caught another frog who is much bigger, but he also seems lazier. The little frogs learned to hop around some during the day to catch crickets, but the big guy mostly sleeps in the corners or even buries himself down under the bark to stay moist. Don't worry, I've got an even bigger water dish that I make sure is topped off all the time. Maybe tomorrow I'll try to coax him into hopping out into the open so I can take a picture.

I'm not 100% sure he's the same species as the little guys. He's got a lot of little bumps all over him, almost like a toad, but he's definitely a tree frog since he spends a lot of time on the glass, branches and leaves and I caught him on the side of my house. I think this one may be a Gray Tree Frog instead of a Green Tree frog like the little ones. The care, from what I've read, is pretty much identical.

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yea and the water dish evaporation prob. adds humidity to the air inside the tank which im sure is benificial to keeping moist skin
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So I thought, but actually it's apparently not all that important for tree frogs native to my area (the Mid Atlantic). Tropical tree frogs certainly need it, but from what I've read in different care guides, temperate tree frogs like mine really only need a misting a couple of times a week, and they don't need any measures beyond that to keep the humidity levels up.

I totally forgot to take a picture today...let me go see if the frog's out and about and I'll do that right now.

The light was out in his tank, so he was out and about and hanging out in his water dish. Excuse the fact that I have a big old dish for him instead of something more natural looking. I'm planning on getting some sort of waterfall type thing with a water basin at the bottom. For some sort of size comparison, that dish is about 8" across.

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aww sorry to read about the loss of froggies. :(
glad the other one seems to be doing well,
he looks real cute,any chance of the lizard in a pic ?
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Actually, nope, I don't have the anole anymore. I had been taking my little brother with me to pet stores this summer, and he fell in love with the idea of having some sort of critter. So, after I got that big lot of fish tanks and whatnot, I upgraded the land-critters to the 20 long but I still had the old 10g laying around, and when he saw the anole he just had to have it but didn't want the frogs because they're boring and I just "caught them outside." Oh well. So he has the anole now all by itself in the old 10g, meanwhile I have this cool frog! It was probably for the best anyway, since this frog is much, much bigger than the anole is so I'd be worried about the frog maybe eating him when we're not looking. From what I've read though, this frog is about as big as it's going to get, so I might get another anole for myself that's a bit bigger than the one I gave my brother so that the frog won't eat him.

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