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Ok thanks. I'll have a look around for that, it looks like a good idea! Thanks again. :D
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Any descent HOB will work. Aquaclear, Penguin, Emporer but try to sdtay away form the ones that are solely cartridge filers. In that I mean ones that have a very narrow slot for filter media and will only hold the cartridges made for it. Hopefully others will recommend other filters that are better than the standard Aquaview and other cheap filters.
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The AquaClear sounded like a good idea, but it comes over the edge of the tank, and kinda hooks onto it, and they can't not have a hood. I would cut a hole in it, but it's a plastic one that would snap as soon as you put a blade to it.
A small, silly problem, but one that makes all the difference.
Does anyone know any small internal filters that will not break the surface of the water much (the newts like fairly still water) and can be hidden quite easily? I may start a thread asking about the filters, as this question may not be noticed right at the end of this thread. :D
Thanks everyone so far.
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I use Exacto saws and coping saw to cut my hoods when I need to make them fit. I do see your point though. I don't know of an internal that is not going to disturb the water because of the air bubbles coming and won't break the surface. Most are about 6 inches tall that I have seen for that size tank.

You could put a piece of pvc over the outlet to calm the water. Could also put a piece of plexi set diagonally in the corner where the filter will go and put a bunch of holes in it to circulate water but cut down on the flow.

As for the AC HOB, if you get the hood to fit, you could fashion some plastic canvas that fits around it to keep your newts or other critters in the tank. Just a thought.
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I'll still be looking into it, nd thanks ever so muchfor your help.

If anybody else knows any small, not too powerful internal filter I could also look into, please tell me. Thanks everyone. You've all been a great help. :D
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HERE is the only one I can recommend as I know absolutely nothing about them and I am going off the name alone. It is large enough to be useful and effective and is actually suggested for use in a terrarium.

I hope someone will give you personal advice but this is all I can find.
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Thank you very much. You have beena great help to me. seriously. It is very much appreciated. :D
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Ok, I have got a Elite Mini filter for te tank. I am setting it up today, although shall not be finished for a while.
Merry Christmas!! :D
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I was using a tetra reptofilter for a while. It's adequate for a 10 gallon tank. Attaches to the glass with suction cups. Draws water in through slots in the bottom inch and a half of the filter, and dumps it out through a spout about 6" from the bottom of the filter. If you can find a rock the right size, it makes a good waterfall. The other internal I have used is a duetto 50. Nice little critter. Between that and the repto filter, it kept a 20 gallon tank with a 2" turtle clean for a week at a time between cleanings. The duetto is smaller, has a little venturi attachment you can use to pull air into it if it's fully submerged. It has a rotating outflow, so the current can be better directed into a curent killing arrangement (or to enhance the current). Also, the repto filter has to be straight up and down. The Duetto can be in any position so long as the inlet is underwater.

Word of warning on using HOBs for waterfalls - I've tried it, and it doesn't work all that well. The impellers aren't designed to raise water more than a couple of inches - just over the lip of the tank. The outflow tends to pulse when the water level is lower than an inch or two below the top of the tank, and can really tail off below 3 or 4". If you want to do a waterfall, get a cannister filter or some other sort of pumping arrangement that's designed to lift water a couple of feet rather than a couple of inches.

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Thanks for the info. I have bought an Elite Mini filter now, I know, not very exciting, but I don't want things to get too complicated, and I think the newts would prefer still calm water. As long as there is some sort of adequate filtration, they're ok.
I've just got one question to ask:
The newts have gone from a small tank with very shallow water and much land, to a bigger tank with larger amounts of water, and not as much land. Will they adjust quickly? I just don't want them to drown.
Kathryn :D
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