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Yes i think so too. The other 2 just sing all night long! and if I hurry and turn the light on ill see one of the darker ones holding onto her, but i gotta put those little fish somewhere else because im pretty sure egg's would be a tasty meal to them =)
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Actually, most fish don't like the taste of phiby eggs.

Everyone loves the chocolate.

-Love them Loaches-
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I gotta say that everytime I open this thread I'm really jealous of your firebellies. I never really had the itch to do a vivarium... but I'm really debating on it now.
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Really? well thats good, because i didnt really want to remove the fish and i was thinking maybe the fish would really pollute the tank but the water quality seems fine, i guess because the filter can filiter up to 12 gallons so thats a plus.

And donut, you really should! its not just fun the set up...but i just sit and watch them for like 15 minutes everynight! their a real joy to have! but id have to say..i didnt watch them as much when i had them more in a frog kind of habit with the water bowl and soil. But in this tank they go underwater and play with the fish and all lol!
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Try feeding them some night crawlers.

Everyone loves the chocolate.

-Love them Loaches-
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You can get smaller earthworms called "reds"...they are tinier than earthworms, and a brighter colour...bait shops sometimes carry them. Leave them on some wet paper towel overnight in the fridge to get rid of any contaminants that might be in the dirt they are housed in at the shop.
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I would consider setting up a small farm for the reds. It is really simple and easy to do and it will allow you to control their diet a little more. Some of the worms at bait shops can be treated with chemicals to make them live longer or more colorful. If you have a sealed container I know a place that you can order bottle fly pupa that will hatch and provide a natural food. You can also raise crickets fairly eaily even on a small scale. You can also get the smaller house fly pupa for the same purpose. Wax worms can be raised for the moths as feeders. Lots of options if you are interested.

It is always safer to raise your own to prevent the nasties from getting into the tank. Crickets are safe for the most part and so are mealworms from what I know about them.
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Yeah im tring to get some other things in their diet to maybe get the the female in the "mood" to lay some egg's, they get all crickets now. what kind of other worms from bait shops do you thing would be good for them? I gave them meal worms before, they ate them with no problem, but i heard that their shells are tough to digest, so i dont want to give them a lot of them.
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If you raise the mealworms then you can pick which ones to feed them. When the worms molt they are a softer whitish color that can be fed to them and won't have all the shell. You can order them and feed them until they molt and feed the softer ones to them.

All of these sites have live food that can be ordered for newts, frogs and salamanders. It will take a litte more to culture them but it would be well worth it in the end. More healthy food results in healthier critters.

The flightless fruit flies, probably the hydeii would work although they are small. Forktreeranch has large flies, blue bottle flies that would be a more suitable fod source. The mealworms are easy to culture and grow by the hundreds if not thousands. Your frogs might even eat the beetles. Just make sure to the regular mealworms not Kings or superworms.

I am in the process of making links to the live food cultures I posted before, it will be in the stickies.
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