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Help New Addition..Green Anole

I previously had a no lizzard, snake or spider policy in my house until this little guy came with an order from ABC Distributers. My hubby fell in love with himso I guess we're keeping him. My friend is bringing over a 20 gal tank with a heating pad, rocks and branches that she used for her lizzard when they had one. I know I have to stop and get substrate for the bottom of the tank and crickets but that's all I know so far about this little guy. I know when I turn the light on in my 5g tank he's in now he turns brown. What else do I need to get? How many crickets do I get? Can I get food that's not still living? Do I have to touch or bath this guy?

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I used to keep an anole years ago, and I'll tell you everything I can remember. I seem to remember using largish pieces of bark as substrate - make sure anything you get isn't small enough to be swallowed by him.

If I remember correctly, anoles don't drink from a water dish so it's important to spray the glass inside the tank with water a few times a day.

I don't think it's necessary to feed every day, and make sure to dust the food with a calcium supplement and make sure you gut load the crickets 24 hours in advance of feeding him.

As for heating, there should be a warm end and a cooler end of the tank.

I think the brown colouration might mean he's a bit stressed, but I'm sure he'll settle down soon enough. If I remember anything else I'll let you know - it's many years since I kept one.

Contratulations on your new pet :)

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Thanks! That's what I was finding on most site but there's always the few that throw in wacky info and I know my firends here always know the truth. We'll see how we do this weekend once my friend brings over the bigger tank.

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congrats on the little guy Holly :)
i managed to kill my one :( anyway on a lighter note lol
you can feed the crickets Orange(fruit) and sprinkle
the supliment on that. :)
if you get anothe lizard they will display to eachother
a little flap of skin under the throat shows red.
cute little things.
good luck with him.
make sure the lid is close fitting crickets are very good at escaping.
would love to see a picture if you get the chance. :)
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I wouldn't use the heat rock, as they're capable of burning the lizard. Instead, you can just put a flat rock at one end of the tank and put a basking lamp above the cage aimed at the rock. The lamp should have a bulb with UV output for proper growth. For my anoles, I've always kept a water dish in the tank anyway just to help keep the humidity levels up. A good misting twice a day is a must. I usually just buy those cricket keeper boxes every week or so and set them in the lizard's cage. Usually all of the crickets are gone after a few days. Having some food for the crickets to munch on is very important for extra nutrition for the anole and to keep the crickets from eating each other. I use bark substrate and sticks and twigs from the woods by my house. I also like to use some artificial pothos wrapped around the sticks and across the floor of half of the tank.

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i had anoles years ago in a huge planted tank there great reptiles i used to avoid letting cricets lose in the tank by putting them in a bowl so they didnt lose the suplement powder or eat the plants you can keep them in the bowl by
a: putting them in the fridge before feeding there cold blooded and will slow to a crawl
b:pulling there jumping legs off

anoles wont drink for still water so spray the tank daily with a new garden sprayer(not a sprayer thats had something in it)
humidity must be kept up or they will be unable to shed having plants helps a lot

uv bulbs are a must for anoles they are a daytime reptile and need uv the properly metabolise

oh and good luck

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