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This is a discussion on equipment conversion within the Vivariums and Reptiles forums, part of the Other Aquatic Environments category; --> He/she is absolutely gorgeous! He has lovely markings, and looks to be in good health from what I can see. I would say that ...

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He/she is absolutely gorgeous! He has lovely markings, and looks to be in good health from what I can see. I would say that the gecko is a bit young to sex at the moment, perhaps check when he's a few months old just to be sure.

As for names... I think Fred is a cute name for a lizard - mine's called Charlie. Depends what you like really :D

What is he eating, and how much?
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you are in very good hands here with the advise you have been
given. :)
there is just a little something i would like to add.
Your live food should be removed before you go to bed,
unless you have provided it with apple/orange/potato
any of those really,it will stop any live food deciding to
have a nibble out of your Leo.
hope you don't mind me asking also........
do you know about gut loading the Live food ?
and possible hazzard with mealworms ?
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To Kateyoup: atm hes eating 4 crickets a day every other day i put calcium on them...still have to get a tray for it..and thanks for the compliment :)

To Willow: thanks for removing the crickets advice..and yes i try to do some gutloading..when my mom makes dinner i bum some vegetable shavings and i feed them some cricket food n such. And i seem to recall mealworms sometimes eating their way out of a gecko if they are bigger...but i cant seem to keep the crickets in the cage and they wont go in the little cricket keeper tubes making it take about...20 minutes just to put 4 crickets it. haha.

Thanks again
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