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Young Molly

I have a 10 gallon tank with what I believe is water quality problem. I've had a few fish die over the last few weeks and I'm down to my last one. She seemed fine (6 month old black short finned molly), but the past two days she has been hiding more thn usual and when she does come out she can dart a round quite a bit. I'm nevervous that this is a sign of stress. I did a small water change b/c the tank looks kinda cloudy. What reasons coudl there bef or a cloudy tank? I added some salt to maybe stress her out a little less till I have time to clean the tank out better with newer, clearer water. The filter seems ok, the pH is 7.2, Temp 78.

I had cut back on adding aquarium salt b/c i had bought a cory cat about a month ago & realized that it died right away most likely because of the salt in the tank. I had wanted to add new fish. I'm sure the cloudy water and lack of salt have ld to this. Not sure what to do =/
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How long have you had the tank, did it cycle? What are your water parameter? What type of fish did you had before they start to die beside the Molly and Cory cat?
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It's not a very new tank ( a year), but i've had a lot of problems with trying to get it healthy and going. I had two Adult black mollies, one molly fry (which is spotted), and the cory cat that died (was only there for 2 days).

My ammonia is 0
pH 7.2
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I do not know if you would raise the temperature to 78-80 very slowly if it would be better for the Molly. Somebody with better knowledge on the Molly's could respond if they would prefer a higher temp.
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"I added some salt to maybe stress her out a little less till I have time to clean the tank out better with newer, clearer water. The filter seems ok, the pH is 7.2, Temp 78."

Until I read all of that I was like "what? O_o;'"

Anyways, I wouldn't recommend turning up the temperature. This increases fish metabolism, increasing fish waste production. So this won't be good if it's just a water quality issue. Which it sounds like it is. Unless it is a fish disease.

I would buy a liquid test kit to test your ammonia, nitrate, and nitrite.

How often do you do water changes? It sounds like you do not do them enough if the water is getting cloudy. (though, I heard that this is sometimes just a bacteria bloom harmless to your fish - either way I think it comes from not sufficient water changes)

A big water change, as opposed to a small one, will greatly help if it is a water quality issue. Why? Because you're taking out the bad water, and replacing it with good, clean water. 50% water changes are OK to do. It won't hurt your fish. The important thing is that the bacteria colony in the filter sponge and (if you have one) biowheel. So changing 50% of the water will be just fine. And it'll be quick to correct your water quality. You can do this for a couple of days and since it's been up for a year, and the filter is likely cycled, then your fish should start perking up! :)

50% WC is good about once a week. Depending on fish stock. With a 10g tank this should be pretty easy.

Btw, mollies like hard water and a higher PH. 7.2 should be fine though. (:

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