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Worms on glass

This is a discussion on Worms on glass within the Tropical Fish Diseases forums, part of the Freshwater Fish and Aquariums category; --> Heya, Could someone please help advise me on what to do... A couple of weeks ago, I noticed that my male angel fish had ...

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Exclamation Worms on glass


Could someone please help advise me on what to do...

A couple of weeks ago, I noticed that my male angel fish had little white fluffy dots on his front fins and a white misty looking patch on his tail.

SO, I treated the tank for finrot. I have treated once a week for two weeks now (removed carbon from filter). The female now also appears to have some on her fins and the males tail has started to go a little jagged.

WHEN, i checked on them today i have realised that the glass is covered in loads of tiny white

WORMS!! They are very small... about 0.1mm in width, and 2-3mm long. Over the two weeks they've been treated (even with a water change after the first week), the fish have all been gasping. Is it the worms doing that??

The fishes gills are clear and they dont appear to be on the fish. They are over all of the glass, but mostly around the top of the tank (though there is no visible algae there). I only just cleaned them, so I really cant work out why they have suddenly appeared like this.
Any advise would be really gratefully appreciated.


100litre tank
External filter
2 x Angel Fish
5 x Neon Tetra
1 x Dragon Goby
1 x Clown Loach
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Can you post your ammonia and nitrite levels?

Google images of planaria, thinking that might be what type of worm you have. If so, they will not hurt your fish, but can reproduce quickly if you overfeed the tank.
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Checked the nitate, nitrite and ammonia... they had all gone through the roof!
Have done a water change... during which, when i filled it back up, the worms got swirled about in the water (tho the smaller ones stayed stuck to the glass). I have returned the carbon to the filter and added a bacteria booster.
I looked up pics of planaria, but they dont seem to be as big as that. Very very small, about as thick as a sheet of paper, 1-3mm in length. Mostly concentrated around algae prone areas.
As it is an open topped tank, a friend suggested it my be gnat larvae ??? (do they feed on algae?)
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Not sure about anything but planaria, those are the only worms I have had experience with.
Maybe try daily water changes for a while with gravel cleanings, that should help to remove some of them.
Scrape the algae and be careful to not overfeed the fish, so the worms have nothing to feed on.
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