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Is Whitespot deadly?? HELP!!

This is a discussion on Is Whitespot deadly?? HELP!! within the Tropical Fish Diseases forums, part of the Freshwater Fish and Aquariums category; --> Originally Posted by FabSal I tested the water and everything was what the test kit said it should be except for nitrite which was ...

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Is Whitespot deadly?? HELP!!
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Originally Posted by FabSal
I tested the water and everything was what the test kit said it should be except for nitrite which was a bit higher (pH 7.5, Ammonia 0, Nitrate 30-40ppm, Nitrite between 0.5 & 1ppm)
What should i do to reduce the nitrite?
Do more water changes to reduce the nitrites. Partial small water changes done daily by 10-15% will help.
For your info i DO intend to get a bigger tank as soon as I can, but its not as simple for me as it seems it is for you, I dont have wads of cash spare & live in a tiny flat with no place to put anything bigger than my Biorb. I didnt realise when I bought the tank & fish that it needed to be bigger, but when I (quickly) found out from forums that it should be bigger I could hardly get rid of the fish (just 2 of them) just because their tank would be too small when they were full grown!
Im saving up for one now, and planning to move house early next year.
Im not a bad person, I do try my best to care for them, doing regular water changes, cleaning the waste from the bottom, not overfeeding and immediately asking for help on forums when something went wrong (and this is the 1st time in 2 years).
Don't worry, FabSal. We understand what you mean.:) For now, just do everything you could to save your fish.:) Water changes are never known to hurt.
BiOrb DO advertise as being for fantails so I dont think its that terrible a mistake to make, its not as if I put them in a fish bowl vase with no filtration at all.
Advertising was a foolish thing. We simply don't encourage advertising small tanks with fish that do not actually require them. Try the site by Vivo and you see four goldfish in a small tank which is barely 25 liters. Tesco has a go with some people in the UK after their tanks shown in the advertisements have goldfish and even a guppy. Their tank barely holds even 2 gallons and yet the decorations there are the office table and a lamp.

Click the link, PFK's article regarding the launching of Vivo aquarium by Interpet.
Still not impressed by this one(in italic font).
At 25 litres, the Vivo is rather smaller than Practical Fishkeeping would normally recommend for the long-term care of goldfish. However, the system is nonetheless a better choice than many other goldfish systems on the market aimed at children because it includes filtration and provides better guidance in the care of the fish.

So as I cant solve the problem by running out & buying a massive new tank, please can I have advice on what to do with what I have -
More water changes? if so how much at a time?
different meds?
other addatives? I read that garlic can improve fish immune systems??!
accept that the fish are just going to die???
Water changes. This will help reduce the pollutants thus allowing your fish to recover more easily. Stress often reduces the fish's immune system thus making them to likely succumb to diseases like ich.
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