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White Spot (Ich) Or Maybe Something Else?

Situation is, I currently bought a male starlight bristlenose pleco (or at least I thought it was), this is the only fish I have added in about a month maybe more, about two days after introducing him to the tank I noticed my chain loaches where 'flicking' off of my slate alot on closer inspection I realised they were covered in tiny white dots, I recocnised the problem immediatley or so i thought.

I started treating with Protozin, any white spot trouble I have had in the past this has shown good results within a couple of days, but this is my second day of treating and I have dosed the tank, once i had finished i examined my fish to see how they were getting on and 4 of my chains are missing and alot of my fish have lost colour and movement is very rare. My royal pleco is now infested, well from what i can see any effected fish are completly covered. The spots looked a bit bigger than normal ich and swollen but they have now shrunk and look the way ich should but the fish that are getting it now have the same problem, larger spots that are swollen slightly.

Since i have started treatment the problem has begun to look like ich, but is there another parasite/fungus infection/bacterial infection that the symtoms would resemble ich?

Yes the tank is overstocked (in my opinion) but it hasn't been for long and I am ordering a 5x2x2 foot tank at the end of the month. I have been looking for a bigger tank for ages and finally found one.

Stats are always fine; Amonnia-0, NitrIte-0, pH-6.9-7.1, NitrAte 0-5 (planted tank).

I am sorry about the length of the post but I wanted as much info in as possible so I can get the problem sorted out before I start losing fish.
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Only 2 chains now missing, one kuhli loach dead. Went in and got some more protozin, hopefully I will start to see results soon.

I am only half dosing due to the fish I have so maybe that is why the problem is taking longer to go away.
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A friend of mine recently had ick in his tank I had him treat with aquarium salt and a tablet that treats ick I have used it before but can not remember the name of it they sale it at petsmart and with in 24 hours the first fish was looking better with less spots after 4 days none of the other fish had gotten it and the one fish only had maybe 4 or 5 spots then after 5 days no more ick.

Kindest Regards,

Keeping fish its not a hobby it is a passion!

I have a 55 gallon, 40 gallon, 29 gallon, 20 gallon tank, 5 gallon , and a 2.5 gallon all with real plants.
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Can't use salt because of the loaches in the tank, definitly cant use salt now that treatment is in the tank the loaches and eels find the half dosage hard enough to cope with. Never heard of tablets for ich. Will have a look for the tablets next time I am at my LFS, ta.

Just about to go and feed them so will have a good look and then do another check tomorrow when I treat again. Will update their progress because tomorrow will be the forth day of treatment and will have to wait another 4 days before the last lot of treatment is done.
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Did you take the carbon out of your filter? Just making sure!

Vancouver, B.C. Canada
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Yup :), I did. The SBN pleco that caused the problem is dead I found it when I got back from work. Once again I can't find my chain loaches apart from one that is sitting at the bottom of the tank, he looks like he's on his way out :(.

Spoke to the one of the guys at the fs and I was told I should be quarantining my fish and he will only replace the fish that I bought from there, so I might lose 60 worth of chains and whatever other fish are going to get it and he will give me another fish woo $u*k&n% hoo.
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Treatment for ICK

Hello... I have not posted here much I prolly should weigh in more but this issue you have
I figured I would share my story and treatment methods......
I discovered 2 weeks ago that 3 of my Servum Cichlids had white spots I knew immediately what
they had..
So I slowly raised the temperature of the tank up to 80 degrees, I then medicated the Tank the very same day once I aquired the right temp....and yes take out the charcole if you have any before
medicating..... the meds that I used told me to medicate on the first day then the third day and then the 5th day.... I forget the brand , but I also read in a few other places if you Quarintine your fish and your
fish can handle a 3% salt water solution then you should Dip your fish for 15 min... Well I did this on the second day..... all three got a bath in Salt water solution for 15 min. each day... on the 5th day those guys were HEALTHY and back with the others they swam.....
now my Quarintine methods was really un orthodox... but I have a big net and I used that to keep the fish in similar to a breeding net.....for the youngins....
I hope this helps you .... provided that your fish will tolerate a salt water solution. IT really did the trick... and the TEMPURATURE of the TANK has to be increased " This speeds up the justation periode of the ick. what I have come to understand is once they are on the host fish the medication will not effect them but once they fall off the fish to BREED.. " Multiply" thats when the medication takes affect and kill the ick.
There are meds for the loaches, they do not have scales.... be sure to use the correct medications.

Hope this helps

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I am unable to use salt due to several of my fish, I was also aware of the lifecycle of ich which is why I think that I have more than one problem in the tank.

Yesterday I lost; a veil angle, my fire eel, my leopard frog pleco and one of my chain loaches was dead at the bottom corner of the tank. So I decided to completely clean the entire tank, I filtered the top few cm off my sand substrate, took out my mapani wood and boiled it, took my slate out and scrubbed that down, I only done a 10l water change because the day before I changed 30l and last sunday I changed 70l so this sunday will get a 50l water change done. I will see if it is worth finishing the ich treatment, the fish that are affected by it are all almoat dead due to the secondary problem which I still haven't figured out what it is.
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Teammuir1- Sorry didn't post much to your reply this morning was late for work, the salt bath is something I was told about when I encountered my first case of ich, I was told for the loaches to do a 5 minute max salt bath (because they really don't like it) and follow with a methelene blue bath for 15 mins, but i'm down to 2 chain loaches and 0 kuhli and the chains that are left are past saving (as much as I hate to say it), my eels are unaffected by the ich and the secondary problem. As for raising the temp I know that it speeds up the life cycle of ich but it will do alot of damage to my plants as i have seen in previous cases and I think I might have to deal with this problem for a while. My royal pleco has alot of spots on him but I got him in my net last night and had a look at him, i really don't think its ich he has so I will try and get a pic up so everyone can have a look.
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Royal pleco died last night. My other problem looks like some sort of rot, don't know if its fin or scale, my pleco was at the bottom and it looked like he had skin peeling off of him. My tyre track eel has a large open wound on his tail now aswell. Started treating with finrot&fungus control but its a bit late.

Well at least I only have to wait till friday and I can get my new tank.
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