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my tester dont do amonia readings
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Originally Posted by paisley_tele
my tester dont do amonia readings
Hi Billy.

Pls buy an ammonia test kit. You'll need it while on the process of cycling.:)

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dawns right u should do a least 10% i would probly do 25%.
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With water params what they are showing, 10% is safer... too much can cause the fish to go into shock from extreme change. If the 10% is done daily, it will help.
A quick note to everyone here on the board: I have been helping in IM to get this problem sorted out. You will all be happy to know that paisley has decided to buy a 125 gallon tank to relocate the fish to, and understands that even a tank of this size will be somewhat temporary for that many angelfish. The catfish has been properly identified as a columbian shark, a brackish water fish that grows to 12 - 14 inches, and eats whatever fits into their mouths. Unfortunately, I'm not so confident that the catfish will survive given it's current condition and the time it will take to fix all of the issues.
I think everyone could learn a lesson from this, and I hope this encourages people to do research FIRST, in the future.
I must also say, paisley, I'm proud of you for taking responsibility and trying to do right by the animals. You give me hope.
As we are finding out quick, this hobby can be great and doesn't have to be overly costly, if it's done right... and fixing the problems from lack of information or from misinformation is what is most costly... both in money and in time.
Hang in there, keep up the maintenance shcedule we've set, and take it one day at a time. If you end up with an empty 55 when this is over, please come to the board here and ask questions about what kind of fish can be put into it, and what is compatible. Everyone here is always happy to help and full of suggestions. We can teach you to start out the right way, so you can see how easy it should be... and how pleasant a reward you can receive when that happens. You'll have your hands full for a while, but eventually it will stabalize enough for you to sit back and enjoy all that you've created.
I wish you and your fish the best of luck! Holler if/when you need help.

Dawn Moneyhan
Aquatics Specialist/Nutritionist
Juneau, WI
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catfish just died

shark has some mild white some and one angelfish and 2 painted tetras , the rest are ok
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Sorry to hear that... with the shark, the only thing I can advise is to get that polyfilter into the filter as soon as possible. This will soak up any ammonia and nitrite, and even nitrate that is present, and it will do this quickly. I can already determine that the biggest issue is the water quality. Continue to do the daily water changes, easy on the feedings, and try to keep the stress levels down as much as possible. Irridescent sharks don't have a very strong immune system and stress will kill them quickly. With water conditions what they are, we still can't medicate safely. Once it's clear, the formalin that I suggested should help fast.

Dawn Moneyhan
Aquatics Specialist/Nutritionist
Juneau, WI
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