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What are these mystery lumps eating my betta's tail and how can I treat them?

I have had my betta for two years and a few months (so I realize that he is getting old), and for the past month and a half he has been having tail problems. At first I thought it was tail rot because his tail was being eaten away, but then whitish lumps developed at the site of the rot, sometime speckled with pink or red. It seems to be the tail itself that has swollen into these lumps and not some outside things attached to it. I tried treating with BettaFix (melaleuca), and then when it wasn't going away, I purchased Maracyn Plus, hoping it would solve the problem. I've been doing regular 100% water changes (weekly) and multiple rounds of the Maracyn and it's only gotten worse. After the latest round of Maracyn I've switched to 100% water changes every three days but it's too soon to tell if that's doing any good.

My biggest issue is that I cannot find any instances of this particular problem on any fish forum or betta site. The lumps look terrible. They doesn't look like fungus and they don't look like normal fin/tail rot. The only thing that gives me some hope is that other than his tail, he has been eating and behaving normally, and the rest of his body/other fins have been unaffected. I'm hoping that if I can find the right treatment, he'll recover.

Other details in case they're helpful: I condition my water (from the tap) with BettaSafe and aquarium salt. I feed my betta TetraBetta floating mini pellets and make sure to feed him slowly so that there isn't too much food dropping to the bottom. He has rounded stones and a small plastic plant from a pet store in a slightly-less-than-one-gallon bowl.

And since pictures are probably more useful than anything else:

If anyone could tell me what this is and how I can treat it I would be extremely grateful.
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thats bad.why don't you try this.clean his tank with formalin. make sure it's thoroughly washed before adding in water.try spot treatment instead with kanamycin or ampicilin a strong antibiotic.

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