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What's wrong with my frog?

He plays dead, alot, but he's very much alive. He don't move when I reach in and poke him. He just moves when he feels like it.

He also never eats. I got him his own frog good and I sink a few peices near him and he doesn't eat them. Sometimes he will catch a flake from the fish food but he doesn't seem interested in food or unaware of it even if it lands on his head.

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Lovely things African Dwarfs are! They can be a bit tricky to keep in a community tank, I typically recommend that people new to their ways keep them in a species-only setup until they become more familiar with their behaviors and needs - people often seem to expect that the needs of a frog are the same as those of their fish - but they're an entirely different amazing animal!

That said. . . it sounds like your frog is pretty normal ^.^

ADF don't see very well at all. Because of this, they often go into what we call a 'zen state,' where they freeze for periods of time in order to detect vibrations in the water. These vibrations help the frogs to 'see' where other creatures are in the water, and allow them to detect the location of potential predators as well as food sources. Unfortunately for them, we don't often feed ADF with live foods in our tanks. This puts them at a distinct disadvantage, as they are then forced to rely on their sense of smell to find food. Obviously, they aren't generally amazing at this. . . food landing on their heads and disregarded is very common with these guys, they will also 'pounce' in a fairly broad area searching for the food that they smell, oftentimes coming up with nothing while sitting on the food they're searching for! *sigh* In a speceis-only setup, this is all well and good. Provided they have sand, the food will stay on top, and they'll find it. . . eventually. In a community tank, there are greedy fish to contend with, and the food will typically be all gone before the poor frog ever realizes that it exists!

It is very important to target feed any frog being kept in a community tank, as they will starve to death with food all around them. . .

A bit more about food. . . flakes do not contain what a frog needs to survive. There are specific pellets made by Reptomin (what you have?) that are made for these critters, and contain the higher-protein foods that they need. Unfortunately, not ALL frogs seem to see these as food - I've given up on the pellets, as my babies just . . . won't eat them! The best way to feed a frog, in my experience, is with defrosted wet-frozen foods - brine shrimp, blood worm, Mysis. . . you can even give them shredded bits of raw Tilapia fillet (they love the stuff!) Variety is always best, but avoid freeze-dried foods as they can cause bloat.

ADF are easily trained to take food from a turkey baster, tweezers, or fingertips, and will even learn to go to a specific area at feeding time - which makes things easier on everyone. A young frog will need to be fed daily, but an adult can be fed every other or even every third day without harm. They ARE very small, so you'll have to be very careful not to over-feed them or they can become ill - two or three bites is all they really need. . .

Wonderful image - you just made my froggy day! THIS behavior is of no concern with these guys *giggle*. . .when they go into their Zen mode, they will just allow themselves to go where the water takes them, which often includes drifting, falling over, being pushed aside by fish. . . silly little things. . . you've got a CUTIE there! How long have you had him, and how long since he ate? He doesn't seem overly thin to me. . .yet.

I hope this helps a bit? Let me know if you have any other questions, and WELCOME to TFK!!!
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Awesome thanks alot for all that information. I have had him for 2 weeks and I hand picked him. The lady at petco bagged another frog for me but I had to reject it and insist on this one hehe. I suppose I should set a specific time for feeding, but when I do feed its on the same corner of the tank each time. I m using the pellets and they say to net out any uneaten pellets after 1 hour Which is impossible most the pellets sink inside the gravel anyway. I might switch to sand for gravel.
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Glad I could help! Good idea about the sand. ADF do better over sand, it's more gentle on their sensitive skin and easily passes through their systems should they accidentally swallow any. When ADF feed, you'll often see them pounce and come up with a mouthful of substrate (and food if they're lucky). I don't know how common it really is for a frog to swallow a piece of gravel, but I've read about it happening. . . As you pointed out gravel makes feeding time that much more difficult, since their food sinks under the substrate before they can find it. . .
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So if I made the switch to sand will I have to restart the nitrogen cycle? Also what are the cons of having sand that you don't have to worry about with gravel? I really liked sand, it is more natural and better looking, don't have to worry about it scratching up the tank either.

The guys are petco said sand is harder to sift through and need constant refilling since alot of it gets sucked up when you siphon out the water/waste for water changes. On the other hand, it will be easier to get all the waste since it stays on top of the sand.

I have a simple small 10 gallon tank and I want to keep maintenance and everything simple as well, so if Sand is alot more work to maintain I may have to pass.

Are there any live foods I can feed my frog? If it would make feeding easier for both of us.
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Wow, I've never seen that, but if Chesh says it's normal I wouldn't worry!

Sand is MUCH easier to work with, I'd say!
Maybe it will need refilling eventually, but not if you're careful with it!
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Its a little frustrating. The pellets just sit there right infront of him and he never eats anything. I just want to see him eat and get big and live long.

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I'm pretty sure Petco sells frozen food, they either have a fridge available or you can ask one of the workers.
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Sand is a wonderful thing, my favorite substrate, but it isn't for everyone!. I suggest you start a new thread in the freshwater area of the forum so that people can better advise you on the pros and cons of sand, as well as the best way to switch out your substrate without harming your nitrogen cycle. Much of the bacteria does live on the gravel bed, so you'll want to proceed with caution. . . I read a lot of scary things before I switched to sand, and have happily found that - for me - sand is FAR easier to deal with than gravel, plus my frogs and other bottom dwellers love it!

Live foods won't make things easier for you, I'm afraid. Anything small enough for a frog will also be small enough for the fish, who will gobble it up more quickly. You'd still have to target feed. Really I have found that frozen foods (defrosted, of course!) of all kinds have been readily accepted by even my picky frogs. As Jen said, every pet shop carries them. I'm not sure about PetCo, but PetSmart and every LFS I've ever seen carries them, though in some cases you have to ask. You're looking for something like this:

The fish will be thrilled to eat it, too. If you feed the frog by hand, or using a turkey baster, you can be positive that he's gotten something to eat.

As you become more familiar with your frog, and he with you, things will go much more smoothly, and you may possibly be able to switch back to the prepared pelleted foods (best to soak these before feeding) but for now it's REALLY important that you get the little guy something that he will eat!

When I brought my first ADF home, I went through the same thing. The shop sold me the pellets, the frog wouldn't touch them. I called and asked what they fed the frogs while they were there, and they said defrosted brine shrimp cubes. My little gal had never seen a pellet in her life! No wonder she wouldn't eat it! I'm betting the same is probably true with your frog, too. Might be worth a call to the shop to see what he does like.

ETA: Yes, Lympie! It's totally normal! Two of my frogs do this ALL THE TIME. It's hilarious! Frecks seems to have a *bit* more self respect, but I've seen him do it every now and then, too. Sooo sillah!

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The picture looks like the frog was standing up normal, and the current pushed it over. All 4 legs extended like that is a normal pose. ADFs like to "pose".
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