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What the hell happened?

My large koi just died I have no idea what happened. The hurricane's coming and I'm very close to the shore and I was worried the storm surge would flood my property and that saltwater would flood the pond and kill him, so I took him inside this morning and left him in the bucket for a few hours, my mom just came home with a large plastic bin to put him in and I went to put him in and saw he was limp in the bucket. He doesn't look sick or anything, did a quick set of tests, no nitrate or ammonia as usual, ph is about 6.8, hardness low as usual, alkinity was for some reason high at about 180ppm.

My mom was wondering if maybe he was hurt somehow getting him out of the pond, I put a bucket on a shelf and goaded him in with a big net and then held him in with it and flipped it up, don't think I hit hit head or anything, but then I put another bucket on top for a few minutes to keep him from jumping out while I was getting more water and I heard him splashing and bumping into the bucket on top. But he was still swimming up looking around for the next few hours, brought him in at 11 found him dead at about 3.

Only thing I can think is maybe he was sick somewhat to begin with since for the past few days since we've had such heavy rain and the pond turned really really green with algae, maybe something got in it that poisoned him or he had some unnoticed hidden disease, or the water was low on oxygen, he hasn't had the same appetite the past few days, he'd eat but not as enthusiastically, don't know if that has to due with oxygen, just thought maybe without the water moving for just the few hours maybe he ran out. This sucks, stupid storm, he was my favorite fish. I guess maybe just the shock of moving him itself may have done it but I've done this a bunch of times before.
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i would think lack of oxygen but idk too much about kois

i have a dog named fish

30g long

55g -planted

125g 4ft long octagonal


10g hospital
-empty- :]

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Yeah, that was my best guess but now I was thinking, shouldn't he have been gasping at the air first? And shouldn't he have lasted more than the hour that went from the last time I saw him alive in the bucket not gasping to when he was dead? I hate this Irene.
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I'm sorry to hear about the loss of your koi. I hope the hurricane didn't flood your property and that everything is ok.
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