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Mollies do like a little salt in their water. About 1Tbsp for every 5g should suffice. Do not use table salt, use aquarium salt.
this is absolutely right however, mollies can also do well without salt, whereas other tankmates will not do well with salt on a long term basis. the tetras and angel will not tolerate it on a long term basis but will be fine while you are medicating for a short time.

basically, if keeping mollies alone, or with other livebearers for example, add salt at the concentration herefishy advised, if keeping mollies with other freshwater fish, dont add salt

keep us updated as to how your fish are doing
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If it is a basic African Dwarf Frog (not clawed) it's body will only get to be about 1 1/2 inches. You have to the watch the height of the tank though because they have to be able to surface for air. I believe the maximum recommended tank height for the frogs is 18 inches. They aren't strong swimmers so any higher could kill them. Until I overdosed my with antibiotics he was doing well in a ten and I also talked to someone who some in a 30gal long (again short in height).
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wow this really is the best fish site on the net! everyones so helpful. it seems that the amonia is fine and i did a 40% water change trying to get all the extra frood out and everyone seems fine for now. i think it had a lot to do with over crowding. everyone else seems a lot happier. pretty soon im gonna have to get a large tank for my angel ive already noticed some growth! Thanx for the frog imput i think this 10 gal. will stay there tank for a while becuase the angel likes a tall tank.
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One more suggestion I learned. Next time you need testing supplies, pick up a master test kit. Something like this http://www.drsfostersmith.com/Produc...&N=2004+113074 is even about the same price of the Quick Dip. I've been using the Quick Dip 5 for the past year and didn't realize just how much the results were off till someone on here told me to get a master test kit.

"Cycling best friend is a good liquid regeant test kit, and a good barber to fix your hair after you pulled half of it out."
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glad to hear theyre doing better :)
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thanx guys im gonna buy one of those testers the wal mart stuff just wont do for my fish.
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