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what to do for snail with float issues?

Just need a bit of advice. I came home this evening and found that one of my Mystery Snails got himself in a fix today. He had managed to get under the plastic needlepoint canvas I have across the back of the tank covering the openings and popped up the cover to the water filter and got himself stuck. He was still wet when I found him as some of the return water was hitting him and I had to remove him from his spot by pulling him up and out. I have no Idea how long he was out of the tank.

I don't believe I injured him. I put him back into the tank but he can't submerge and doesn't pull back into his shell even when touched. I think he is dying and has been swirling around in the current about 2 hours now. He is sticking out of his shell and has only retracted about a quarter of an inch. I touched the end of his feelers and he hardly responds at all. I think he has damaged his air pocket.

Is there anything I can try to do for him? If he needs to be euthanized, do you euthanize a snail the same as a fish or would it be better just to let nature take it's course?

Any suggestions would greatly be appreciated.

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snail with float issues

Okaaaay, never mind for the time being.. I checked on him again and he has gotten himself under control. It has been about 4 and half hours since I first found him and he seems to be okay, I guess I just needed to stop checking on him.. Who knows maybe he was in shock. He's stuck on the side of the tank just sitting there. I 'll check him agin in the morning. Hopefully he will still be alive in the morning as I have never seen this particular snail sit still.[/code]
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well i hope he gets better :D
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My mystery snails, painted snails, and apple snails go "floating" quite frequently. I love it when they go "snorkeling". lol
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I have seen them float before but was very worried since he was stuck outside of the tank for who knows how long, I had been gone all day. He has stayed on the same side of the tank I put him in on last night and doesn't go more than the width in distance. The jury is still out. I haven't seen him eat today(the algae wafer is still there) and hardly moves at all, so I guess we just let nature take its course at this point and let him decide what he is going to do. thanks for for the well wishes.
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Re: snail

You have to be really careful when you 'pull' the snail off. I don't see why he wouldn't make it, but if you think he is really suffering I believe the way to kill the snail is putting it on the ground and smashing it with a rock... A big one... But thats mean, I love my snail to much to do that :) But I really think he'll be fine. Just keep an eye open. Good luck!

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He's doing better today. Still not getting around like norma,l but I have seen him in many different places and I think he will be okay. Thanks
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