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what do i do

:( i recently lost 6 of my 8 fish. i am pretty sure they were diseased. the only 2 left are my cory catfish. they weren't doing very well until i gave them a salt bath now they are zipping around their tank. my problem is that i want to get some new female betta fish but i am unsure if the cories are carrying disease. their gills still have a shiny apperance.
does anyone have any advice as to what i should do? it would be very appeciated. :D

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well do u know wat kind of disease it was but if i were u i would wait and try to figure out wat disease it was.
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i wish i did know what disease it was that would make things alot easier. i think it may have been nitrate poisoning, thats why i tried the salt bath it's just that the cories gills still look shiny that is my concern. I don't want to restock my tank just to have them die.

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What is the size of tank? Occupants? Water parameters? Any chance of pictures? Things like this will definitely help. More details will actually help and even save your remaining fish in time.;)

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On a lot of cories the operculum (gill covering) is naturally shiny. I have 2 very healthy spotted cories and they always have that sheen to them. You may have just not noticed them before or maybe it developed as they matured. Make sure your water perameters are good and give it a few days. When you add new fish, only add a few at a time to minimize any spikes in ammonia. Keep in mind that female bettas can still be somewhat aggressive and territorial (not as much as their male counterparts though) so you may want to add them after you add other fish that you want.

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About the cories i searched and searched on the internet looking at images and did realize that the shiny look is infact natural. i was realived to find that out. my female bettas are doing just great. i think because they came from the same tank they don't seem to have a pecking order. also they don't bother at all with my danios or cories so i have a very peacful tank. mind you one of my male bettas has been consumed with the nest building since he noticed my females lol. i think i am going to call his tank his love nest hahaha. ty for the information.

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most cories are mettalic and very shiny is good some diseses make the slime coating cloudy never shinyer

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