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Originally Posted by Katieryn View Post
Okay since my last post I've sadly had to euthanise one of my neons which leaves me with 5 left. The four neons that were in my more planted tank (no behavioral differences due to number) have been transferred and have been in with 'beardface' for 24h now, he hasn't stopped the behavior and in that small amount of time there has already been a bit of damage to his caudal fin as there is one neon who sticks up for himself, the rest just hide.

I've made a video so you can see how he reacts, I'm sure you will know who beardface is :P What would you suggest?

DSCF0265.AVI - YouTube
Was the issue with the neon you destroyed related to this? Just curious.

Per say, the initial behaviour in the video is normal. Shoaling fish are in groups so they can interact, and the two neons which I would assume are both males are doing what characins love to do. Rarely does it lead to physical damage. But back to what I posted initially in this thread, having sufficient fish in the group (no less than six for most species, some need even more, and more is always better no matter which species) and in sufficient space (to the fish) will allow this behaviour to be normal. Different species do this somewhat differently.

I didn't see any nipping, although the "bearded" neon has evidence that he has been nipped. Any info on this? Assume he wasn't like that when acquired.

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Something we all need to remember: The fish you've acquired was quite happy not being owned by you, minding its own business. If you’re going to take it under your wing then you’re responsible for it. Every aspect of its life is under your control, from water quality and temperature to swimming space. [Nathan Hill in PFK]
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Yea beardface looks to be the one who has been injured to me, although he was the once chasing everyone around.
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Destroyed is such a horrible word Byron! The euthanised neon wasn't related to this I just thought the numbers would be important. I bought him and noticed that he had a white spot of discoloration on his tail, he had this for ages and it got bigger as he grew, I did some research but all I found was "if its not harming the fish then it should be fine." One day I woke up and his tail had rotted away but not like the way it does with fin rot, it was passed his fins, into the flesh, and half of his caudal fin was gone, the poor guy couldn't swim properly and I doubt he would have recovered :s

As for the other neons I've seen this behavior a lot but with the other ones it seems more playful, they nudge each other, chase and spin in circles but I have seen beardface with mouth open and biting while doing this. Some of my neons get ick like spots near their mouths from the hit (they didn't get this when I separated them so he must be the big tough guy :P). I have no idea why beardface has more damage on him then the others but like Termato said, he does look like the victim as hes had the most damage and that's what I thought originally, he was completely normal when I bought him.

Maybe he is one of those fish that needs to be in a huge group so he can spread the aggression, just like the fish that have hierarchies.
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