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*Weather Loach Breathing Fast & Swimming In Bubbles!*

I have a Dojo Weather Loach that I've had for the last year and a half or so. It's about five and a half inches long and very healthy looking other than last Friday
night, 10/21, she started breathing very hard non-stop. I have roughly 20 fish in my 50 gallon Clear-For-Life tank, including another Dojo Weather Loach the same size and
purchased from the same store at the same time. This particular loach I'm writing about is the ONLY fish that is exhibiting problems of any type.

On Sunday, 10/23, I set up my Marineland 5 Gallon Hex Hospital Tank and began treating her with Copper Safe at the recommended dosage. A few hours later, her breathing
seemed to much less labored, but as of today, 10/25, she is still breathing hard at times unlike the other loach that you can barely even tell she's breathing. Also, she swims up and down the stream of bubbles coming out of an airstone for hours per day.

The only thing I've done differently in the last few weeks is I started using buckets of water from the coldest setting of my kitchen faucet rather than the "approximately
same temp as tank water" I'd been using previously. It had been hot lately, and by doing my regular weekly 10 gallon water changes with this cold water, it dropped the tank from 82 before the water change to about 79 after. I didn't figure this would hurt any of the fish, particularly a hardy weather loach.

The 50 gallon tank has crystal clarity and good test measurements, and again, no other fish (knock wood) is suffering in any way.

Since Maggie (that's her name) is in the hospital tank with Copper Safe, what should the next step be? I noticed tonight that the side of one of her gills looks like there is a slight pink/reddish patch underneath the skin in one area. I'm planning on treating the tank with Maracyn (200mg Erythromycin Packets) tomorrow, which would cover bacterial infections. It says that it's compatible with Copper Safe at the same time, so I'm assuming I don't have to do a complete water change prior to starting the new treatment.

Please guide me on this, as my girlfriend is really concerned about Maggie too. Weather Loaches have a lot of personality and we'd hate to lose her .

Thanks in advance for any help you can provide!
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