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I'm going to pick up some Rid-Ich+ up myself, just in case this ever happens again. God forbid.

BTW, last night I went back to the store where I bought that sick platy that seemed to start all this trouble. I just happened to walk back to look in the platy tank and it was filled with gasping fish with clamped fins. All were either on the gravel breathing their last breaths or dead. I asked the woman who worked there about it. Once she got past being defensive, she admitted the last couple batches of platies had been bad. Great to know that now that most of my tank is wiped out.
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That sucks. Did she offer to replace your fish after your outbreak has been controlled?

ETA: Maybe you won't want any more fish from there, anyway?
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No, I did not. She was pretty cagey, so I was mostly focused on getting her to admit there was a problem. I also wanted to know for sure if it was Ich that was killing the fish, so I could determine where to go from there with treatment. She said she didn't know, but suggested I finish up with the Ich Attack and then let my tank sit for a couple weeks. I could probably go back and get replacement fish, but I've written that store off for anything but rocks for now.
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You should get a refund, at least. You could get Prime or something else instead of fish.

From comments that "my" fish shop people have made, ich isn't considered a huge problem at the shop. They dose all new fish, but don't seem to have huge wipeouts from it like at your shop. They seem to view it as a minor inconvenience rather than a plague. The affected fish might have poor immune systems to all succumb in such a dramatic way?

If she knew that the "last couple" of batches were bad, why did she sell them? That makes me mad...
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Ich is also a catch all,
If they don't know whats wrong,

Always in NEED & looking for more Tanks!
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Am I the only one who won't use Rid Ich+? Honestly I can see NOTHING good about this medication. It contains formalin, a form of formaldehyde. It is not something I would use on my fish. It is quite a harmful medication. Its a carcinogen, significantly drops the oxygen levels in tanks(on top of what the increased temps do), it is also harmful to the cycle bacteria. I see no reason to use such a drastic med when their are other options. I have always lived by copper sulfate. Like any ich medication I run treatment for at least a week after all signs are gone. Anything beyond a week may not be at full strength though depends on the fishes behavior and such. I can't remember exactly the last time I had to deal with ich though, it had to be almost a year ago. My big bottle of aquaria-sol cost around $8 and has lasted me a couple years already.

.... I'm probably drunk.

This is how I lurk

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The whole thing makes me mad too and it is really disturbing to see a tank full of dying and dead fish at a store. Granted, the platy tank was toward the bottom, under some brand new colorful fish that kids were going crazy over, so you had to bend down and really look. Of course, I did because I wanted to see how my dead fishes' former tank mates were doing. And, yes, Chicklet, Ich does seem like a catch all explanation for this.

Mikaila 31,until now I've heard mostly good things about Rid Ich+, although I've never tried it. This time around I am using Ich Attack, which is allegedly mild and herbal. It's supposed to treat for Ich, other protozoans, and fungus.

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