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Velvet of the Living Dead! It won't go away!

I have a 10 gal fish tank. My fish has been sick for the last 2-3 weeks.My betta was acting a little sad. I took a flashlight and found a smal rust spot where the body meets the fins by his belly. Soon after, My guppies and Platy started doing the itchy dance. Rubbing against the plants and gravel and acting like they were on a sugar high. I assumed it was velvet or some kind of parasite. I borrowed coppersafe from my friend, did a 100% water change and dosed my tank with the coppersafe. A week later, the water was green and ther was no change with the fish. I did a 40% water change and put a teaspon of coppersafe into to my tank. The water looked clean again, but it turned green again and no change with the fish. I did another 40% water change and another teaspoon of coppersafe. This time I put a blanket over the tank so that the velvet, which was suppose to be algea, wldn't b able to grow. In a couple of days, the water was green again. I did some research and found out that the water conditioner, stress coat, stopped the meds from working. So i went to Petco and got a different water condtioner, Aqueon Water conditioner. I did a 100% water change, used the new water conditioner and used coppersafe again. Its been several hours and I might be paranoid but I thnk the water looks a little yellowish. Again i might just b paranoid and it could be the lighting.My question is does aqueon water conditioner have the same thing stress coat doess that stops coppersafe from working? Am I doing something wrong? I have 3 heaters in ther and the temp is in the high 70s. I havnt seen any of the fish doing the itchy dance, but I havnt been watching them the whole time. Also, my dorm room smells really bad. Is this because of the velvet in the tank or just because I have fish?
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I think we'll need more details!
How long has the tank been set up, what type of filter(s), how many fish. A tank should never smell bad unless something's out of whack with the biological filtration (overfeeding?) You certainly don't need 3 heaters in a 10 gallon!

Since the waters getting green, what type of light do you have?

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I have a 10 gal tank with one betta male, 4 guppies male and one platy male. I have a sponge filter. Its been set up for 2 months. and the reason i have 3 heaters is bc i got all of them used and they dnt work 100%. I was told tht the green water probably had nothing to do with the velvet, but algea and the smell could be coming from that.
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Try to do more frequent, but smaller water changes, say 50% or so every other day. Make sure the temp is close to tank temp, treat the replacement water with chlorine remover and Coppersafe (at the proper amount to treat only the replacement water, not the entire 10 gallon dosage!) and keep watching. Go really light on the feedings. Algae can be many types. There is Euglena, which looks like an algae, but can also survive on excess organic matter in the absence of light (but then it's not green!). If you have green algae growing on in-tank items or in the water, then you need to cut back the light! Eight hours a day or less is good and perhaps get a lower-intensity light. I'd strongly suggest getting one reliable heater and dump the questionable heaters as soon as you can afford to! Temp bounces will cause all sorts of problems by stressing the fish. Treat for a full month with Coppersafe. It can take a while. The copper should also help kill the algae, which may be where you smell came from!

I use Prime conditioner, so don't know about the other water conditioners. Could be a problem.

18 species/varieties of fish, 15 species/varieties of plants - The fish are finally ahead of the plants!
*560 gallons (2120 liters) in 5 tanks -> you do the math.

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check under the gravel, do a gravel siphon to see if there are black clouds of water -- there may be pockets of hydrogen sulfied. Does the tank smell like rotten eggs? putting in carbon won't help 100%, try to do a gravel siphon and perform a 50% change in water again.

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